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Toddler Garden


Here is a picture of a small garden I made for the Toddler Playground at the Boys’ school. Duncan’s teacher was at a loss as to what to do to replace the overgrown strawberry patch in the playground. She asked for my help and in about an hour, we had it all done.
It was great fun as she gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted. I went to the nursery and came out a few minutes later with enough for a small (4×4) garden. I built it based on what I thought two and three year olds might like. It is based on texture- waxy, furry, spikey and smooth. It is really designed to be touched and, well, mauled.
Now, they have asked me to design small garden plots for the Pre-Schooler playground. I think they are the perfect projects. Big impact, little work and the kids get a garden. How great is that? Very fun.

What is it?


Some of my people have recently been in Amish country and brought me this. I had never seen one, but now that I know what it is and how to use it, I LOVE it. Basically, it is a tube of fabric filled with fragrant stuff: cloves, cinnamon, etc. That you use as a trivet to put your teapot or hot pan on. Then your whole kitchen smells autumnal and warm and cozy. Like I said, I love it…..but I have zero idea what it is called. Any ideas?
Plus, don’t you love the fabric? It’s like floral camo. Makes me happy.
If you know what this is called, lemme know. I am hoping it has some fancy name, but given that it is Amish, I’m thinking, not so much.

She just couldn’t help it.


The Hubbalicious and I have a deal. He wants to get me what I want and he despises shopping in stores. So instead of forcing him to slog through stores and pick SOMETHING that I might (or more likely might not) like we have developed a system. I find what I would like to receive as a gift for Xmas, Birthday or just because, send him a link or purchasing info, he buys, they gift wrap. (Thank God because when he wraps it loooks like the Unibomber did it.)
So we all know about my Magpie obsession. I found this on Ebay and told him I might like it as a gift. H-I-N-T! So, the sweeheart that he is, he ordered it. I saw a package waiting by the fence today and practically sprinted in the cold rain to pick it up. Then I saw the Customs Form with “Knitting Yarn” listed as the contents and I well, er I , er, ripped the bag open.
Honey, please forgive me.
Mmmmmm, mooooore maaaaaagpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.

What we do for love


A couple (er, okay sev-er-al) years ago I made a quilt for Hubbalicious. Well it turned out to be a quilt top. There was muslin and there was batting and actually there was backing too. So it wasn’t just a top, but not quite a quilt. More like a fabric sandwich- there was no binding on it. Hubbalicious loved the finished parts and has been very patient. But I know that it bugs him that it is incomplete. So I ripped off the backing- I wasn’t crazy about the fabric and truly bought it because it was there, it was a stop gap measure. Note to self: buy it because you or the intended will love it, or at least really like it-not because it is there. True, finished is better than perfect but used is better than finished and shoved into a closet for all time.
So when the Hubbalicious was a little boy, he wanted to be an astronaut. He really, really wanted to be an astronaut. So as a special thing between us and a big “I’m sorry for being such a butt-head for taking years to finish this” I found this fabric at Cia’s Palette. A word about this Cia’s Pallette. I have ordered from them twice and received excellent customer service both times. They were out of stock on a pattern I ordered and they contacted me within an HOUR to tell me. the first order, they were a yard short on a fabric I ordered and they called me to tell me and ask what to do. Plus, they send a swatch of fabric with your order! Go see them, they are awesome and are all about customer service. I am a freak for great customer service. Cia’s Pallette will get my business again!
Back to the quilt- This fabric for the backing is something I would have never bought for myself. But I did it for Hubbalicious. He loves it and got a huge chuckle out of it. And I like the thought of his sleeping and dreaming under the stars and planets. Maybe he will finally get to go to to outerspace, if only for a moment.

Here is my in-progress Crosses quilt. I redid the colors and the patterning and I am very happy with how it is turning out. But boy do I need a proper design wall. More sewing after the small hollering boys go to sleep, which I am hoping is SOON!

Also, big news from the Potty Front. Duncan is now ongoingly asking for his diaper to be removed so he can use the training toilet. I am really crossing my fingers as he is JUST two and a half and you know the rumors about boys and potty training. But you would be amazed about what comes out of that little two and a half year old body, especially the part that hit the floor, not the potty.
What we do for love continues to amaze me.

For Your Amusement


Pictures of sewing trim onto kitchen valances are pretty boring in my book, so I rooted through the archives and found this picture of Mr. T & me from my college days. Hopefully this will bring a smile to your face and I have done my good deed for today.
Off to pick up one small hollering boy from school and then take the other small hollering boy to the doctor. Then more sewing!

Sunday Snapshot


Silly title for a pictureless post, no? Here is your blog snapshot of Saturday/Sunday. Every Saturday night Hubbalicious and I go out for date night. Rain or Shine, we have date night and really look forward to it during the week. Doesn’t matter what we do or where we go- we just take about six hours and get out of the house together. Usually we go to the local pub and play cribbage, laugh and just be together.
Last night, in the middle of date night there was a work emergency for Hubbalicious. Much furious typing into the smartphone and much forehead smacking over the situation. I was absolutely fine with it, it is the nature of the beast and bound to happen every once in a while. The emergency carried on into today so I had to be on call. Usually Hubbalicious takes the boys out all day on Sunday and I get to do whatever I want. Love that. He is a mighty fine man and a great dad.
So, no knit-out today in DC. If you went, please post pictures! Next year.
And when Duncan woke up from his nap, he was howling from fever. It seems to be better now, thank you Motrin! But it is looking like no school for him tomorrow.
I did get a couple of hours to work on the Halloween decor. Very spooky and very cool. I love Halloween and intend to raise kids who love it too. And I had enough time to make some chicken and white bean chili. Yum!
Hopefully after the boys go to sleep, I can get some work done on the quilt. I am having a lot of fun doing it, but I think next time I need to use squares that are bigger than 3″.
Also, last night was the party in Texas- I sure hope it went well, I haven’t heard yet. Thank you to Emily for your offer! It was extremely sweet and appreciated.
Tomorrow, quilting, and picking some scarf patterns for gifts. Drat! I may have to go to the yarn store!

A smile in my heart


Cafe Du Monde opened today for the first time since Katrina. I found myself dancing in my kitchen with a smile in my heart while listing to the NPR story.
Duncan is doing much better at school. That is a photo of the two of us on his first day, last week. That expression is his “Say Cheese Face”. While making the face he says “CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE”. If you so much as pick up a camera, he makes the face.
Today I got there a bit early and saw his class on the playground lining up to go back to the classroom. I had never seen him stand in line before. So sweet, so simple. I, of course, burst into tears. I have turned into a total mush. Not bad, just a mush.
And I have been making stuff. New kitchen valances, new lampshades for the kitchen chandelier and a new slip cover for the side chair also, you guessed it, in the kitchen. The quilt is coming along nicely and I will post a photo tommorrow. And there has been much knitting and plotting for the Halloween decor.
So for this first time in 5 years I get a little bit of time to myself everyday. Everyday, people. A shower without helicopters and firetrucks and without small hollering boys. Time to use my sewing machine. Time to do nothing if I want, though at this point, I wouldn’t dare. Before I had children I thought I was busy and had no time. Must have been the crack. Now, I know better and treasure every moment with the kids and without them.

Need Some Help Blogosphere, Can You Hear Me?


Yesterday was Duncan’s very first day of school. Ever. We made a big deal out of it, Mom, Dad and big brother all took him into his classroom. He looked at me and waved, while saying “Bye, Mom-Mom!”.
About 2 hours later the school called that Duncan was upset. He had been crying and picking up his back pack saying “Home, Home”. Duncan has always been the most laid back child. So I was surprised to hear this. By the time I got there about 45 minutes later, he was sound asleep in a classroom full of toddlers. All the emotion has tuckered him out, my poor little Duncan. When I picked him up his eyes were RED and he was hoarse. Okay, so this was not just upset, this was a huge, huge event. For another kid, it might just be upset but I have never ever seen Duncan so thrashed by emotion.
I know it will all work out. I know that for his first day, he did well. It seems that he would work, play and realize that I wasn’t there and then begin to cry. And I have never dropped him off and left before, ever. So his teacher and I worked out a system that when she thinks he is about to hit the wall, she will call and I can come pick him up. I really appreciate her willingness to work through this with us. She even offered to come in and work with him on the weekend to get him through this. How cool is that?
So, I am Mom on call (a bit more than normal) for however long this takes. I was supposed to go to Texas next week to throw a Thanksgiving dinner for 200 soldiers who are deploying on or around Thanksgiving, one of whom is one of my favorite cousins. I really wanted to go. Not only to see my family- they are flying in from all over the country to put this thing on-but to get out of the house, if you know what I mean.. I know that by staying home, it will go perfectly for Duncan at school and if I went it would be a disaster.
Is there anybody out there in the Killeen, Belton, Temple, Fort Hood area who has a couple of hours next Saturday the 22nd of October to put up some decorations? Just asking as you never know what comes out of the blogosphere! Leave me a comment or mail me at kt AT theeislers DOT com
I am so dissappointed to not be able to go but I know it is the right choice. Sometimes the right choice is not the fun choice. My goal is to have my little boy love school and keeping him as comfortable in this transition will give us the best chance of success.
Thanks! KT

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