Need Some Help Blogosphere, Can You Hear Me?

October 12, 2005 by

Yesterday was Duncan’s very first day of school. Ever. We made a big deal out of it, Mom, Dad and big brother all took him into his classroom. He looked at me and waved, while saying “Bye, Mom-Mom!”.
About 2 hours later the school called that Duncan was upset. He had been crying and picking up his back pack saying “Home, Home”. Duncan has always been the most laid back child. So I was surprised to hear this. By the time I got there about 45 minutes later, he was sound asleep in a classroom full of toddlers. All the emotion has tuckered him out, my poor little Duncan. When I picked him up his eyes were RED and he was hoarse. Okay, so this was not just upset, this was a huge, huge event. For another kid, it might just be upset but I have never ever seen Duncan so thrashed by emotion.
I know it will all work out. I know that for his first day, he did well. It seems that he would work, play and realize that I wasn’t there and then begin to cry. And I have never dropped him off and left before, ever. So his teacher and I worked out a system that when she thinks he is about to hit the wall, she will call and I can come pick him up. I really appreciate her willingness to work through this with us. She even offered to come in and work with him on the weekend to get him through this. How cool is that?
So, I am Mom on call (a bit more than normal) for however long this takes. I was supposed to go to Texas next week to throw a Thanksgiving dinner for 200 soldiers who are deploying on or around Thanksgiving, one of whom is one of my favorite cousins. I really wanted to go. Not only to see my family- they are flying in from all over the country to put this thing on-but to get out of the house, if you know what I mean.. I know that by staying home, it will go perfectly for Duncan at school and if I went it would be a disaster.
Is there anybody out there in the Killeen, Belton, Temple, Fort Hood area who has a couple of hours next Saturday the 22nd of October to put up some decorations? Just asking as you never know what comes out of the blogosphere! Leave me a comment or mail me at kt AT theeislers DOT com
I am so dissappointed to not be able to go but I know it is the right choice. Sometimes the right choice is not the fun choice. My goal is to have my little boy love school and keeping him as comfortable in this transition will give us the best chance of success.
Thanks! KT

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  1. Jane

    Thanks for your comment on the London post. The necklace I am wearing in the photo is another of Juju’s wonderful creations. I would show it, but it was made for my husband’s company’s Christmas party a while ago and it contains various versions of their logo. I don’t really want to advertise who Simon works for – especially as one of his colleagues reads the blog!

  2. Emma

    Your poor little chick. Some little ones just need a little longer until they’re ready to be without Mama.I sat,quietly,in the corner of the classroom for a few weeks [!],then outside the classroom for a few more. Eventually made it home at the beginning of the second term. Oliver really loves school now.I think,judging from anectdotal evidence,that boys take longer to achieve emotional independance,and some are very sensitive little souls.