The Circus is in Town

October 1, 2008 by

They are finally done!  DS3_2819

Shoe size: Men’s14/15

Yarn: Socks that Rock Heavyweight (Better part of TWO skeins)

Color: Henpecked

Needle size: Addi #3. 2 circsDS3_2827

These are freaking HUGE.  They are a gift for a very tall friend, who threw down the gauntlet when he said: "Oh no, you don’t have to knit me socks".  Riiight.

I knit the entire first sock then realized I did not have enough yarn to complete the second one, so I ordered more.  And of course, though the same colorway, the second was far more intense than the first.  This would be why on just about every single yarn label on the planet, it is advised to buy enough yarn at one time to complete your project. So I ripped back the toe and the foot AND the gusset AND the heel flap and reknit them with the second skein.  Then I knit the top of #2 with skein number one and the bottom with skein number 2.  Balanced.  Phew!

Anyhow, they are done and to be gifted today. DS3_2826

And if they don’t fit, he can darn well frame them.

3 Responses to The Circus is in Town

  1. Mom

    Yay! You finished the socks!! They are so well done and absolutely gorgeous! It still amazes me how you do that! Love, Mom

  2. Emily

    I thought you would never finish those things. I bet you did too. If they don’t fit, he better have the good grace to wear them anyway.
    I just had a terrible thought – what if they’re too big?

  3. Alice in the Heartland

    Great socks! I’ve been wandering around the blogiverse these last few days thinking about sock camp and visiting all my friends’ blogs. Hope the boys are fine and all is well in your life right now. Things are fine here in Iowa. Hugs to all and Happy Knitting, Alice