What we do for love

October 25, 2005 by

A couple (er, okay sev-er-al) years ago I made a quilt for Hubbalicious. Well it turned out to be a quilt top. There was muslin and there was batting and actually there was backing too. So it wasn’t just a top, but not quite a quilt. More like a fabric sandwich- there was no binding on it. Hubbalicious loved the finished parts and has been very patient. But I know that it bugs him that it is incomplete. So I ripped off the backing- I wasn’t crazy about the fabric and truly bought it because it was there, it was a stop gap measure. Note to self: buy it because you or the intended will love it, or at least really like it-not because it is there. True, finished is better than perfect but used is better than finished and shoved into a closet for all time.
So when the Hubbalicious was a little boy, he wanted to be an astronaut. He really, really wanted to be an astronaut. So as a special thing between us and a big “I’m sorry for being such a butt-head for taking years to finish this” I found this fabric at Cia’s Palette. A word about this Cia’s Pallette. I have ordered from them twice and received excellent customer service both times. They were out of stock on a pattern I ordered and they contacted me within an HOUR to tell me. the first order, they were a yard short on a fabric I ordered and they called me to tell me and ask what to do. Plus, they send a swatch of fabric with your order! Go see them, they are awesome and are all about customer service. I am a freak for great customer service. Cia’s Pallette will get my business again!
Back to the quilt- This fabric for the backing is something I would have never bought for myself. But I did it for Hubbalicious. He loves it and got a huge chuckle out of it. And I like the thought of his sleeping and dreaming under the stars and planets. Maybe he will finally get to go to to outerspace, if only for a moment.

Here is my in-progress Crosses quilt. I redid the colors and the patterning and I am very happy with how it is turning out. But boy do I need a proper design wall. More sewing after the small hollering boys go to sleep, which I am hoping is SOON!

Also, big news from the Potty Front. Duncan is now ongoingly asking for his diaper to be removed so he can use the training toilet. I am really crossing my fingers as he is JUST two and a half and you know the rumors about boys and potty training. But you would be amazed about what comes out of that little two and a half year old body, especially the part that hit the floor, not the potty.
What we do for love continues to amaze me.

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