While I am not as precision oriented as some, I do love it. The joke is, okay the fact is, that I am the world’s most lazy ocd type person. I can see where every little thing is out of place and not do a thing to fix it.

A while back I wanted to plant some seeds in the garden beds around the house and the boys very much wanted to help. We have a saying in this house:”It is only help if the other person says so.” The help I wanted (?) was making holes in nice little rows and then covering them up. Not a chance. The boys did not want rows of any sort. To say this was frustrating is a total understatement. Going against every fiber of my being, I handed them about 3 seed packets each and instructed them to plant them “over there.”

It is difficult to capture the charm of eight kabillion sunflowers in a 25 square foot area. I see it everytime I look out the kitchen window and am delighted that I just let the small hollerin boys have at it. In the distance is my brand new vegetable garden, complete with deer fencing. Maybe, I’ll take you on a tour later this week. It is my favorite place.

There has been log cabining happening here. Last year (?) I bought a bunch *cough* Rowan Cork from here. Some very mindless knitting was needed, so this happened. I will simply knit until I run out of yarn. The estimation is that is will be roughly the size of a crib blanket. The colors are great individually. Together, I am not so sure. Certainly they are hard to take your eyes off of, but so is a train wreck.