A smile in my heart

October 19, 2005 by

Cafe Du Monde opened today for the first time since Katrina. I found myself dancing in my kitchen with a smile in my heart while listing to the NPR story.
Duncan is doing much better at school. That is a photo of the two of us on his first day, last week. That expression is his “Say Cheese Face”. While making the face he says “CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE”. If you so much as pick up a camera, he makes the face.
Today I got there a bit early and saw his class on the playground lining up to go back to the classroom. I had never seen him stand in line before. So sweet, so simple. I, of course, burst into tears. I have turned into a total mush. Not bad, just a mush.
And I have been making stuff. New kitchen valances, new lampshades for the kitchen chandelier and a new slip cover for the side chair also, you guessed it, in the kitchen. The quilt is coming along nicely and I will post a photo tommorrow. And there has been much knitting and plotting for the Halloween decor.
So for this first time in 5 years I get a little bit of time to myself everyday. Everyday, people. A shower without helicopters and firetrucks and without small hollering boys. Time to use my sewing machine. Time to do nothing if I want, though at this point, I wouldn’t dare. Before I had children I thought I was busy and had no time. Must have been the crack. Now, I know better and treasure every moment with the kids and without them.

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  1. Anonymous

    The Cafe DuMonda news made me sooooo happy also – I will order lots of chickory coffee again! Love all your preparations for Halloween and the house and I am so happy you are getting showers again!!! Sounds like life is good. Love you. Mom