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I’m off


The car is packed and I am making some coffee to go. Someone is having a de-stashing sale. I think 3 hours is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to drive for yarn. Luckily you don’t have to pay duty when bringing yarn across state lines. This could get serious.

Thanks for all your good Juju- Angus was so brave. The procedure was a breeze and the result stinks.

Love y’all to bits

Jewel Tones & We need your good JuJu


blanket, knitting corner, wall color, swatch.

Well the recipient of this blanket is now about 6 months old. The good news is A) She is a six month old and therefore cannot tell time, B) It is finally getting chilly here, C) It is off the needles, washed, wrapped and ready to be given to her, D) It is a gift for Angus’ teacher’s daughter- and if Nicole (the teacher/mommy) were to bust my chops about something I highly suspect it would not be about the lateness of her daughter’s gift.

As mentioned previously, this is STR Heavyweight in Jade, Bronze, Amethyst,Rose Quartz, Blue Moonstone and Boysenberry. It is about 3 foot square and knit on size six or seven needles. Fun to knit and very easy. Also I gave it a bath in Fibre Wash and the hand improved dramatically. I have no basis for comparison- just soaking it, it may have felt just as lovely- not sure. Laid it out flat over night and when it was still wet this morning I threw it in the dryer on low heat for about 20 minutes. The tumble dryer did not diminish it one little bit.

For the past few days I have been reconfiguring my sewing/knitting laboratory. This is my new knitting corner. We have had these chairs for nine years and I had never sat in one to knit. Divine! But you must use the foot stool. The color on the wall is being auditioned- it does get rather grey here and I find this color very energizing. All my life I thought that this acidy green was puce. Wrong. I am a bit disheartened as I thought color was my thing.

The needles on the arm of the chair are a holding a swatch (in the round, thankyouverymuch) of BMFA STR Lightweight in January One. It is pretty amazing to me that I find size 1 needles easier on my hands than say 11′s. Speaking of January One, you must go see a most beautiful profile taken during her 20 week ultrasound.

Now the good JuJu part. Angus (who is doing remarkably well) has to go into the hospital tomorrow morning for a short testing procedure AND they have to give him light general anesthesia. We anticipate being home by lunchtime. We are not worried about the result (he is fine and more on this later) and yet I find my self a bit nervous about the whole deal tomorrow. So please, good thoughts- send your love our way. Dance naked in the woods, light a candle, say a prayer, chant (that would be you , you skirt wearing monk)- how ever you do it could you send us your good JuJu? Thanks.

Love to y’all