Silly title for a pictureless post, no? Here is your blog snapshot of Saturday/Sunday. Every Saturday night Hubbalicious and I go out for date night. Rain or Shine, we have date night and really look forward to it during the week. Doesn’t matter what we do or where we go- we just take about six hours and get out of the house together. Usually we go to the local pub and play cribbage, laugh and just be together.
Last night, in the middle of date night there was a work emergency for Hubbalicious. Much furious typing into the smartphone and much forehead smacking over the situation. I was absolutely fine with it, it is the nature of the beast and bound to happen every once in a while. The emergency carried on into today so I had to be on call. Usually Hubbalicious takes the boys out all day on Sunday and I get to do whatever I want. Love that. He is a mighty fine man and a great dad.
So, no knit-out today in DC. If you went, please post pictures! Next year.
And when Duncan woke up from his nap, he was howling from fever. It seems to be better now, thank you Motrin! But it is looking like no school for him tomorrow.
I did get a couple of hours to work on the Halloween decor. Very spooky and very cool. I love Halloween and intend to raise kids who love it too. And I had enough time to make some chicken and white bean chili. Yum!
Hopefully after the boys go to sleep, I can get some work done on the quilt. I am having a lot of fun doing it, but I think next time I need to use squares that are bigger than 3″.
Also, last night was the party in Texas- I sure hope it went well, I haven’t heard yet. Thank you to Emily for your offer! It was extremely sweet and appreciated.
Tomorrow, quilting, and picking some scarf patterns for gifts. Drat! I may have to go to the yarn store!