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Man O Man In a Heap


About a billion years ago I thought that I would knit a mitred square. Didn’t do it. Promptly forgot. I know you see where this is going, but humor me please. Thanks. Due to the small hollering boys I thought that knitting big things was impossible. And it pretty much is. Yes I know big things are made up of smaller parts but I am a bit thick. And constantly interrupted. It has taken me 5 tries to write the 80 words you see before the 80. So I do not knit nearly as much as I would like to. Yes, the boys do go to school. I spend those precious moments lying (laying?) in a heap while listening to Uriah Heep or feeling like Uriah Heap because I have been Hollering at the Small Hollering Boys. Or I just drink more coffee and pray the ground will swallow me whole because of All the Things Which I Should Be Doing While the Boys Are at School But I Am Not For Which I Will Burn in Hell.

Well, apparently when I met the dynamic duo last week I inhaled the crack. Man, was it G-O-O-D.

Really, really good. So good infact that even though I goofed this one up (too many stitches on the top half, wrong number of cast on stitches -even though I counted 3 times) I am downright balmy over here. Dreamy. Oh so dreamy. Oddball knitting. Oooooh Bab-BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oddballs for Oddballs, now there is an a-long I could get behind. Maybe it is the spring day we are having today, a brief respite before The Swamp that is Northern Virginia in the summer, but I am Giddy, Oh So Giddy. Can barely keep it in. How wonderful to feel this turned on by such a simple idea. The way I look at my stash will never be the same. That was some Migh-Tee Fine Stuff I inhaled. A frenzied stash dive yielded these combos:

A little washed out but you get the idea. No?

Woman in search of a sub-culture


Well, it is the middle of April, might as well post. Sheesh. Funks are funny things and the best part of them is when they are over! Not all the way there yet, but I am forcing myself to stand in the light. And to not install wall to wall carpet in my rut. When I have the fountain diet coke machine plans drawn up, call for help.

What better way to pull out of a funk than to go and meet two of the most wonderful bloggers around? Got to meet Ann & Kayye last night! They are delightful. And funny. What can I say about them that hasn’t been said? Um, well they are quieter than I thought they would be and um, well let us see…very humble and very gracious. And and and I got to meet Buffy! The Sister and world famous champion eater! Okay, the fact that she is the size of a strand of my hair really aggravates me. But she is so nice and funny that I promptly forgot about her eating ways and the size of her waist. And we took pictures. Ann & Kayye were very indulgent of me and signed several (cough) books for friends of mine who aren’t the book tour circuit. It was wonderful to meet them and see them in action. Stitch DC is a great shop and very different from what I expected. Light, airy and has a great look to it. Many of the LYS here are cramped, dark and have a grandma’s attic feel to them. This was such a surprise and they served miniburgers and onion rings from the bar next door. I was talking with Bridgitte (Brah git tah) who is American born but has lived in Germany for a long while. She had NEVER EVER had an onion ring. I just about fell backwards. I mean, come on? An onion ring. Never? Crap.

Oh and the pictures:

Yes this is a picture of Ann’s back through the window while I was trying to park. Yes I got the time wrong and was so happy when I saw them I let out a whoop and a hollir and took a picture. Kayye is behind the white window pane. And I think Kayye is pretty convinced I am a stalker but she let me give her a hug, even though she is not a hugger. She does live in Manhattan after all. Here you go for another photo:

KT, Ann & Kayye. This is our happy picture. Shiny Happy People, indeed. Taken by Buffy!

This is our grumpy shot. For some reason we all agreed to look grumpy. I look like Uriah Heap and the two gals look great. Ann said she tried to look grumpy! Hah! See all that Southern Charm? And Kayye said she tried to look pleasant. See all that Northern Cool? She is one pleasant & cool cucumber! Man, I need to get my roots done. And my chins. Picture again by Buffy.

Great to meet all of you there and be greeted so warmly. Community is a great thing and very funk-busting.

Can I tell you how much it sucks to get out of DC to Virginia at night, by yourself with a broken mobile phone and a GPS that is like RainMan. A 30 minute drive took me an hour and a half to get home. I think I drove by the Jefferson Memorial about 800 times. And even ended up at the departures lane at Reagan Airport. Remember that Hardy Boys episode when they were in the old house and would open a door and there was a room there? And then they would close and re-open the door and there was nothing? That is how it felt getting home. But MAN it was good to get back to my hubbilicous. Jiggety Jig.