She just couldn’t help it.

October 26, 2005 by

The Hubbalicious and I have a deal. He wants to get me what I want and he despises shopping in stores. So instead of forcing him to slog through stores and pick SOMETHING that I might (or more likely might not) like we have developed a system. I find what I would like to receive as a gift for Xmas, Birthday or just because, send him a link or purchasing info, he buys, they gift wrap. (Thank God because when he wraps it loooks like the Unibomber did it.)
So we all know about my Magpie obsession. I found this on Ebay and told him I might like it as a gift. H-I-N-T! So, the sweeheart that he is, he ordered it. I saw a package waiting by the fence today and practically sprinted in the cold rain to pick it up. Then I saw the Customs Form with “Knitting Yarn” listed as the contents and I well, er I , er, ripped the bag open.
Honey, please forgive me.
Mmmmmm, mooooore maaaaaagpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.

One Response to She just couldn’t help it.

  1. Charlene Sax

    Soooooooo, just what is Magpie????? A type of utterly delicious yarn I presume……….anyway, I am happy you are so happy!!! xoxox