Monthly Archives: September 2008

Foe, Faux, FO!


Often, I labor under the impression that my knits have to be superstars.  Tricky, show-off knits.  Usually, when I suffer this delusion I find myself not knitting but rather fretting about what I could or should be knitting.  These thoughts do not promote productivity or calm. It is just plain exhausting.

Part of my time this past summer had been spent knitting one of the most poorly written patterns that I have ever encountered. It was not a difficult pattern, just really truly frustrating (a decent tech editor would save the day), and it has sent me running for the simple.  In the round, stockinette with lovely hand painted or hand dyed yarns are terribly satisfying right now.

Done is better than perfect and warm is much better than worrying.  I LOVE this sweater.


Yarn: Manos del Uruguay

Color: 118

Skeins used: 8

Needles: Knit Picks Options, wood size 10


There is no pattern for this sweater, just features and measurements that please me.  The extra long neck, the very fitted arm scye, and the very long ribbed arm cuffs with thumb hole all tickle me.  DS3_2801

A Redefined Superstar, I’d say.


Deep Negotiations


Last Tuesday was the first day of school.  Upon returning home, my newly minted Kindergartener and Second grader demanded to know how far away Halloween was.  Both then promptly began running around planning our Halloween Party (which up till that moment, I did not realize we were having) and rooting through the garage looking for streamers for the house.  They both wanted to decorate the house RIGHT THEN and leave it up until Halloween.  We have had several planning meetings and will be making a trip to Ben Franklin to eyeball what we might want for the party.

Last night, talk turned to costumes. Sketches were drawn, logistics were discussed and Angus was convinced that being a fire truck (not fighter- truck) again was not the best course of action.  I have made fire truck costumes in the past, very successfully- who said studying sculpture in college wouldn’t be helpful? So the fire truck nixed, I tried to sell him being a sky scraper.  He nixed that.

Angus has been learning how to knit, so as a lark I suggested that he go as …

A Giant Ball of Yarn

Loving the idea, Angus started drawing sketches.

The show stopping question:

Me: "Angus, you really need leg holes- where are the leg holes?"

Angus: (teary) "No, Mom, I do NOT want leg holes.  No way, Jose!"

Me: "Well, how do you expect to trick or treat?  You want Mom & Dad to roll you around the  Neighborhood?"

Angus: "That is perfect, Mom!"  (pause, scratches forehead) "Or you could just build a steering wheel into my giant ball of yarn. Yep, I think  that would be better.  Thanks Mom!"

Forty is the New Forty


Ten years ago, I turned thirty and the seven days later I got married.  To say that I was out of my mind nervous, crazy, and excited is understatement.  Turning 30 weighed heavy, heavy heavy on my brain, so much so that I made everybody swear that I was 29 at the wedding, not 30.



My husband of ten years (we say HA! to all the nay sayers!) is even more wonderful than the day I married him.  I do not regret my choice for a second, though when I married him it was a huge leap.  Yes, marriage is always a leap and my personal leap seemed rather large even by marital leap standards.

Turning 40 has been fantastic.  Nary a qualm.  For a minute I thought maybe I was pushing the thoughts away and I was wrong.  From where I stand today, life is sweet.  Being a wife and a mother is soul satisfying in a way I never knew it could be.

Love you all to bits-