Toddler Garden

October 30, 2005 by

Here is a picture of a small garden I made for the Toddler Playground at the Boys’ school. Duncan’s teacher was at a loss as to what to do to replace the overgrown strawberry patch in the playground. She asked for my help and in about an hour, we had it all done.
It was great fun as she gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted. I went to the nursery and came out a few minutes later with enough for a small (4×4) garden. I built it based on what I thought two and three year olds might like. It is based on texture- waxy, furry, spikey and smooth. It is really designed to be touched and, well, mauled.
Now, they have asked me to design small garden plots for the Pre-Schooler playground. I think they are the perfect projects. Big impact, little work and the kids get a garden. How great is that? Very fun.

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