Deep Negotiations

September 11, 2008 by

Last Tuesday was the first day of school.  Upon returning home, my newly minted Kindergartener and Second grader demanded to know how far away Halloween was.  Both then promptly began running around planning our Halloween Party (which up till that moment, I did not realize we were having) and rooting through the garage looking for streamers for the house.  They both wanted to decorate the house RIGHT THEN and leave it up until Halloween.  We have had several planning meetings and will be making a trip to Ben Franklin to eyeball what we might want for the party.

Last night, talk turned to costumes. Sketches were drawn, logistics were discussed and Angus was convinced that being a fire truck (not fighter- truck) again was not the best course of action.  I have made fire truck costumes in the past, very successfully- who said studying sculpture in college wouldn’t be helpful? So the fire truck nixed, I tried to sell him being a sky scraper.  He nixed that.

Angus has been learning how to knit, so as a lark I suggested that he go as …

A Giant Ball of Yarn

Loving the idea, Angus started drawing sketches.

The show stopping question:

Me: "Angus, you really need leg holes- where are the leg holes?"

Angus: (teary) "No, Mom, I do NOT want leg holes.  No way, Jose!"

Me: "Well, how do you expect to trick or treat?  You want Mom & Dad to roll you around the  Neighborhood?"

Angus: "That is perfect, Mom!"  (pause, scratches forehead) "Or you could just build a steering wheel into my giant ball of yarn. Yep, I think  that would be better.  Thanks Mom!"

2 Responses to Deep Negotiations

  1. Emily

    Oh yes, a steering wheel will work PREFECTLY! You better get pictures of that!
    Seriously though, what about a wagon to drag his legless self around in? More room for candy too.