Good & Plenty

October 26, 2008 by

Fall has absolutely arrived here.  We live in the the woods and there are many beautiful deciduous trees.  This means in the summer we have a very leafy view and when autumn shows up and the trees lose their leaves, our view changes dramatically.  Yesterday, this happened in about twenty minutes.  We sat in our kitchen, watching the wind and veritable snow storm of leaves and now we can see further into the woods.  Beautiful to watch the transformation.DS3_2867

Knitting my Trick or Treat Swap socks was great fun.  They remind me of Good & Plenty candy.  The Good & Plenty socks are knee socks and the cuff can be worn either up or down.  They are knit out of Socks That Rocks, Medium weight in Rhodonite.  The colorway isn’t available currently, it appears. They are knit top-down and each sock weighs about 100 grams. Left over was 68 grams from one skein and 72 grams from the other.


The Good & Plenty socks are on their way to my Trick or Treat Pal and I am a bit sad to see them go.  Hopefully she will like wearing them as much as I enjoyed making them.


7 Responses to Good & Plenty

  1. Laura

    Now you. I’m catching up on you and I can’t even leave a comment on your post about turning 40. I guess I’m late and everyone has gone home from the party by now, huh? heh
    Lovely knits. Beautiful You. So many socks. Smooshalicious sweater.
    Happy New Year. :)

  2. Leslie

    KT-how are things going? LOVE your Good n Plenty socks and was admiring the gorgeous view of the woods! Hope you and Lisa decided that yes, you need to be at camp again this year!
    Miss you!