Beautiful Crocus

December 2, 2005 by

This arrived in the mail yesterday, it is the yarn for Auntie Alice’s sweater. What a beautiful color. Not a color I wear and I love it all the same.
I will not/cannot knit this thing entirely in stockinette. I was thinking about slip stitch, but I am worried that the fabric will be too much for her. My other concern is this: Does slip stitch use MORE or LESS yarn than plain stockinette?
I am thinking less and the only way I will know, I suppose is to knit a stockinette swatch AND a slip stitch swatch with a finite amount of yarn. Measure out the same amount of yarn for both, knit the same number of stitches and rows for both and then measure what is left over.
Does that sound right?
Or can someone save my bacon and answer the question for me?
The Shades of Grey vest is coming along nicely- I am almost to the underarms. I am liking the progress and loving that I will not have to make sleeves. I am not thrilled with how the diamonds are looking. A bit lumpy for my taste and I am holding out hope that I can beat them into submission. And the white shadow diamond looks a bit wonky to me, so I believe I will duplicate stitch over it when I’m done.
Thanks for the kind comments about the boy’s Christmas picture. I did take it myself and I must say, it is one of my favorites. This year’s picture will be taken this weekend.
Some of you have asked what LWIM is. It is a much shorter version of Lookie What I Made!
And to warm my knitterly heart- the flakes are flying outside! It is not sticking, but a girl can dream.
Happy Friday!
ps: I just spell checked this entry and Blogger suggested “janitorial” for “knitterly”. Ha!

3 Responses to Beautiful Crocus

  1. Charlene Sax

    Hon – I am of no help as I do not know how to slip stitch – so follow your suggestions of two swatches and see that you think….doesn’t a slip stitch make it very loopy? The more basic you can be for Auntie Alice the better….and I think the yarn you chose is aabsolutely gorgeous! Love, love. Mom

  2. Jane

    Beautiful colour. I’m not sure I can help either. Two swatches and lots of maths sounds like it might work!Thanks for your very kind words of encouragement about the quilt. Yes, an evening with Kaffe at this time of year really cheers me up.