Christmas Picture

November 30, 2005 by

This is for Donna at Quiet Life.
It is our picture from last year. Note the matching clothes. Dressing my children alike makes me happy. Weird. I am all for creativity through personal expression. When it comes to my kids though, they will dress alike for as long as I can pull it off. Now I have to go pick out clothes for this year’s picture.

2 Responses to Christmas Picture

  1. Donna Boucher

    Dear K.T.That is a beautiful photo. Your little boys are really darling!There is a woman at church who has three little boys and she dresses them alike every single day. I always admire her organization to be able to do this.I recently saw a photo where the children were dressed in black turtlenecks and jeans. It was in black and white and really looked great. I may just try that some day :o)DonnaThank you for posting your fabulous picture!

  2. Laura

    Aww KT – your boys were absolutely darling last year! Did you take that photo? It’s really sweet and I love the matching shirts. When do we get to see this year’s photo?! Or am I too late?