Things here at Maison LWIM (LWIM is Lookie What I Made! LWIM is just easier.) are a bit kooky. Yes, kooky. Actually the kook-o-meter needle is completely in the red. November is a crazy month. Actually it starts in mid-October with pre-Halloween stuff. Then Halloween, then Angus’ birthday, then a week later- Thanksgiving. Note to self- better family planning: I have a Thanksgiving baby and an Easter baby. It is more festive and a little bit more crazy that way. Maybe an Arbor Day baby or a Flag Day baby next time. If there is a next time. Now THERE’S a question for the ages.
Back to the kook-o-rama. I love, LOVE, L-O-V-E, making stuff. Painting, sculpture, knitting, food, collage, quilts. Really I just have always loved using my hands. Funny, I love my computer, blog, and email but I really miss writing letters. Pen and paper letters. Before we were a we or in actuality an us I was the letter sender, letter collager extraordinaire. Give me a pen, paper and a glue stick and I am a happy girl. Throw in a magazine and paper & a scissor and I am over the moon. Clearly, I am still a nine year old girl.
And I am a sucker… Angus’ teacher just moved up here in August from the Florida panhandle. We adore Carla. She eschews the “Miss” Carla. So on a day that I am wearing jeans, a long sleeved T-shirt, light jacket and flip-flops (Yea, I grew up in Los Angeles, so it is flip flops all the time, except if there is more than an inch of snow) , Carla is wearing: gloves, ear muffs, long underwear, a sweater, an overcoat (actually I typed overGOAT- now that is a much better and funnier image- an overgoat- I love it!).
Today, we were having flurries and Carla and the kids were on the playground when I went to pick the boys up. Carla was in her snow ensemble and she was clearly freezing. Like teeth chattering freezing. When I asked her where her hat was, get this- she says: “Oh, I don’t have a hat.”
I am sorry, but you cannot say that to a knitter. I am sure that she thought it an innocent statement; however, to me it was a call to action.
So, after berating her to tell me her favorite color (Red), I knew my course of action. I must knit Carla a hat. I came home and dug (digged?) through the stash and found some beautiful Lamb’s Pride worsted in Blue Blood Red (a FANTASTIC color), broke out my Denises and then went hunting for a pattern. I looked through the knitting library and quickly got frustrated. So I Googled “free hat patterns knitting” and found this pattern.
So, I am off and running and it looks to be a quick knit. I am hoping a FO by next week. Or much sooner, because Carla is freezing.
And the Shades of Grey Vest is about an inch from beginning to shape the neck.