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December 8, 2005 by

Finished and gifted this hat to Angus’ teacher Carla yesterday. It is one WARM hat, which is perfect because she is one COLD lady. It was perfect, I showed up at school just as she was getting ready to take the kids outside to play.
It was a great knitter moment. I handed her the package and said: “If you are going outside, you need this.” When she saw the hat she said: “Now, THAT’S my color!” Then she put on the hat and wore it outdoors. It fits her perfectly, looks great and is super warm. Also, she is easy to spot because this hat is really red!
Here is how I amended the pattern I used:
1. No stripes. Why? This was a stash-busting exercise and this red went horribly with the other reds in the stash. Put it next to a tomato red and it looks pink and the tomato looks brown. Not what I was after.
2. I made the ribbing about 5 inches long, and then knit the first section of the hat the same length. Then entire ribbing is meant to be turned up and the fold line is designed to be at the bottom of the ears. Like a hat and a ear warmer/headband all in one. It is a very snug fit.
3. It is shorter, obviously. I wanted her to have it now and didn’t think the length would add warmth. For the record, it took about 3/4 of a skein of the Lamb’s Pride.
It was super-quick and really gratifying. I forgot how much I love Lamb’s Pride. I have more in the stash and think Duncan’s teacher and her assistant as well as Carla’s assistant might need a hat too.
So, yea it is just a hat. But a really great hat that warms her head and my heart.

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