Better Every Day

December 20, 2006 by

Thank you all for the love both in the comments and the emails. It really does make a difference and Angus loves that people are sending him wishes and love. While he doesn’t understand blogging, he does know that Mom-Mom has friends all over the world and those friends send their love.

Angus is back at school today without a parent. Huge breakthrough for us all. He is a bit anxious and nervous, but we all are at this point. Today is crazy sock day at school, so I had to Waterloo the toes this morning and send him in his hand knit socks (knit in Blue & White Regia Nation self striping). It was a bit of a Keystone Cops moment when Angus put them on- they are much more slippery than he is used to and he was flopping around like a codfish, nearly cracking his head open. Thank goodness he didn’t!

Green & White Regia Nation self striping for Duncan- all that is left is the toe on one and the foot and toe on the second. When I get both socks to the same place I am going to put the two socks on two circs and do the toe shaping at the same time. Seems like a great way to test run the 2 socks on 2 circs thing, plus it is less scary than doing two whole socks at the same time. Funny that I can give my kid injections and blood tests, which doesn’t scare me but doing two socks at the same time makes me nervous. The other thing that I find hysterical is that after six years of feeding my family organic healthy food, artificially sweetened things are a godsend. Heh.

Now for some stash enhancement. Ahem. The stash enhancement was done before all this fun started and arrived in the middle of it- PERFECT. Back to the stash enhancement…some Koigu from Allison at Simply Sock Yarn- go give her some love, she is just found out she is going to be a Mamma!!!!!! Oh and go give High Energy Jenny some love, she just became a Mamma! The other stash enhancement was LOTS of Socks that Rock. From left to right-Henpecked (must make hub socks out of that one!),Chanticleer, 24 Karat, Ruby Slippers,and Love in Idleness.

I had never seen the Socks that Rock in Heavy Weight, oh my it is beautiful. It would be downright dreamy to make a cardigan (in Ruby red) out of it. Pricey but dreamy!
Have a wonderful day everyone.

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  1. Emily

    Wow the sock yarn! And Congratulations to Angus for making it back to school on his own and in such a stylish manner. Great socks for Crazy Sock Day (which should be a national holiday)!