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A funny thing happened on the way to the Clapotis


For years I have wanted to knit a Clapotis. Also for years I have been looking at cashmere from Two Pointy Sticks. In full disclosure, my reading of Jane’s post completely inspired me. When I saw her Japanese Maple Clapotis, I was in love.

Now in our house we have a a way of doing gift business that some might consider unorthodox or perhaps a bit unromantic. Well, folks it is neither and here is how it works: When I discover there is a particular thing I would like for a gift, I send e-mail to the Hubbalicious with a link to the item. He clicks buy and if he is really lucky, he clicks “gift wrap”. (Wrapping gifts is the bane of his existence, it runs a close 2nd to a root canal. As he would say, at least there is anesthesia with a root canal. His hatred runs deep.)

The beauty of this arrangement is I get exactly what I want and Craig gets to be St. George slaying the dragon, plus he does not have to go to the mall and scavenge. This way works very well for us and it keeps me from getting gifts that I will never use. Sometimes I do forget that we do it this way, which is exactly how I ended up with a two foot high Chewbaca Pez dispenser for my birthday. No kidding. My fault completely, and in his defense Craig completely and wonderfully made up for this.

This Christmas season, I decided that I was finally grown up enough for cashmere from Axelle. Not really clear why I decided this after years of pining, but decide I did. After picking the color (Japanese Maple) and weight (Aran/Pippin), the mail was sent off to the Hubbalicious. The box arrived, which I was not supposed to see and then I had to wait and pretend that I was ignorant of the box. It was not easy, I tell you.

When I brought the box from the mailbox to the house I thought it felt a little light but reasoned that my experience with pure cashmere yarn was minimal and I was being paranoid.

Christmas morning, when I opened the package it really was beyond my expectations. The color- breathtaking! The feel- butter! If you ever buy some of this yarn, get a manicure first- any roughness in your hands will catch the yarn- not damage it, just catch it.

So, five beautiful skeins of cashmere and I have the thought that I might want to check Knitty to see what the actual yardage required for a Clapotis is. The yardage needed is 820 yards. I had 500 yards in front of me. This was clearly not going to work. Meet my Irish Hiking Scarf, Japanese Maple from Two Pointy Sticks. (In progress)

Much Love- KT

ps- How did this happen? I confused the 100 gram weight of the Lorna’s called for with the 100 yard length of Axelle’s yarn.

pps: I have a new crush. Franklin, you completely crack me up. Thank you for being so fantastic.

ppps: KnitPicks Options needles are great. ( a full review to come) Thank you Santa.

Okay 2006, go away now.


It is with great joy that I bid adieu to 2006. While it was not an a-w-f-u-l year, it was a tiring and taxing year. For the first time in my life I rather feel like Father Time. Too bad it is beyond a doubt that I will not wake up in the morning as Baby New Year. Wholeheartedly I welcome 2007 and the possibility it brings. While I realize that time is an artificial construct (Gregorian vs. Julian) and can be manipulated, I still look forward to a new beginning and a New Year. Emily said what I wanted to say, in a very lovely, very civilized way. I am feeling neither lovely nor civilized at this point.

To sum up: 2006, if you were a guy I would break up with you and make sure my phone number was unlisted.

To all of you dear sweet people, you have made 2006 the most wonderful year it could possibly be. I am forever indebted to you and your kindnesses. Thank you.

Much love-


ps: I have been contemplating knitting from the (epic) stash for 2007. Not firm yet, but stocking up online all the same. Shameless hoarder that I am. Truly I cannot decide if it is virtuous or foolish. Thoughts?

pps: Happy Birthday Cara! You are a fantastic force in this world.

ppps: Guess where I am off to in April? That’s right, Sock Camp!

Fleece Navidad


Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All. Thank you to all who I have come to know through this funny thing called a blog. I am a richer woman for it. You have buoyed me when I thought it was not possible. Thank you. The picture is of my favorite view in the whole, entire world. I will tell you more about it next week. With much love and gratitude for you all and my family, I leave you with a most spectacular Saturday Sky. Merry Christmas.
Much Love to All-
ps: Doesn’t this sunset look like Chanticleer?



I am not supposed to know that this box is here, nor I am supposed to know what is in it. Kind of tricky not to know it was here, as I was the one who got the mail today. Also tricky to not know what is in it because I put it on my list for Christmas. Very exciting and VERY wonderful of Santa to make my wish come true.

Better Every Day


Thank you all for the love both in the comments and the emails. It really does make a difference and Angus loves that people are sending him wishes and love. While he doesn’t understand blogging, he does know that Mom-Mom has friends all over the world and those friends send their love.

Angus is back at school today without a parent. Huge breakthrough for us all. He is a bit anxious and nervous, but we all are at this point. Today is crazy sock day at school, so I had to Waterloo the toes this morning and send him in his hand knit socks (knit in Blue & White Regia Nation self striping). It was a bit of a Keystone Cops moment when Angus put them on- they are much more slippery than he is used to and he was flopping around like a codfish, nearly cracking his head open. Thank goodness he didn’t!

Green & White Regia Nation self striping for Duncan- all that is left is the toe on one and the foot and toe on the second. When I get both socks to the same place I am going to put the two socks on two circs and do the toe shaping at the same time. Seems like a great way to test run the 2 socks on 2 circs thing, plus it is less scary than doing two whole socks at the same time. Funny that I can give my kid injections and blood tests, which doesn’t scare me but doing two socks at the same time makes me nervous. The other thing that I find hysterical is that after six years of feeding my family organic healthy food, artificially sweetened things are a godsend. Heh.

Now for some stash enhancement. Ahem. The stash enhancement was done before all this fun started and arrived in the middle of it- PERFECT. Back to the stash enhancement…some Koigu from Allison at Simply Sock Yarn- go give her some love, she is just found out she is going to be a Mamma!!!!!! Oh and go give High Energy Jenny some love, she just became a Mamma! The other stash enhancement was LOTS of Socks that Rock. From left to right-Henpecked (must make hub socks out of that one!),Chanticleer, 24 Karat, Ruby Slippers,and Love in Idleness.

I had never seen the Socks that Rock in Heavy Weight, oh my it is beautiful. It would be downright dreamy to make a cardigan (in Ruby red) out of it. Pricey but dreamy!
Have a wonderful day everyone.

The post I don’t want to write.


There has been much sock knitting and birthday fun and holiday preparations. That is not what we are going to talk about today. We are going to talk about what happened at Angus’ 6 year old annual physical. How I wish that we could talk about something fun, soon we will, but not today. Through some discussion with the pediatrician about some odd behavior on Angus’ part (frequent, uncommon for him bedwetting) we did some tests and discovered that our sweet little boy has Type One diabetes. Diabetes, people. Pause. Not caused by behavior or lifestyle- Angus’ ticket just got punched. Only 10% of people who have diabetes have Type One.

We spent all day Thursday at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington DC. They took fabulous care of us. Angus is on insulin, three shots a day and thankfully the insulin is working. I am the one doing the blood tests and injections, which I am fine with. When I was pregnant with Duncan I had to inject myself 2 times a day with blood thinner.

We are rattled, sad, angry and very grateful we caught this so very early. Most people when they are diagnosed are so sick they need hospitalization; we were fortunate that in addition to all the other things hospitalization was not required.

The bad news: Angus is diabetic. The good news is that we caught it very early and our little boy is with us.

Love to all


Who was I? Who am I?


Six years ago today, I did a pretty amazing thing. Want a hint? Man, I love that door mat- I wonder if Bed Bath & Beyond still sells those. Must find out. Okay, this is not about my (fantastic) taste in door mats.

Maybe, because very few of you have ever seen me you might need another hint. You might not be able to tell my “condition”. (Hint, Hint!)

Angus Wolf was brought into this world. (Angus for Angus Young from AC/DC and Wolf is a family name.) He was sent to teach me humility and compassion. I love him more than I can possibly say. What a gift he is. Happy Sixth Birthday little boy- we love you an impossible amount and you are wonderful.



Thank you so much for all the sock love, people. I tried to respond to all of you, well actually I did but Sprite my mail to you bounced. (Could you email me, Sprite? The addy is on the top right of the page.) Thank all of you for the encouragement, really it means a lot. And so many new people stopping by, and friends that I have know for a while (Hi Emily!) too- so exciting.

There was one thing I forgot to mention in my last post, well a few, truth be told. First, my beautiful and talented Toasty Toes Pal was Erin! She is so kind and gracious, really what a joy it was to knit for her. Go check out her recently finished and lovely Forecast. Second, I was in a tizzy that I might encounter Second Sock Syndrome. This was not the time to choke (which I did not do) or to worry too much (which I did anyway). Third, I was worried that the socks would have different measurements in different places (I knit my sleeves two at once). Being new at this I wanted to have certain techniques, ie- heel turning fresh in my brain when I did it for the second sock. Fourth, I was terrified that I would run out of yarn- for the record the final socks weighed 110 grams, two full skeins of Koigu and 10 grams from the third safety skein I bought- thank goodness I did.

SideBar: I can totally the two at once with socks in the same way I do as sleeves- up to this point I have been intimidated by the two socks at once thing, but now I really do see (in my head) the way to do it. Yippee! SideBar Over

What I did was I cast on and knit the entire leg, put the knitting on spare needles and cast on and knit the entire second leg. Then I knit the heel flap and turn on sock # 2, put that on a holder and went back to #1 and knit the heel flap and heel turn. Alternating back and forth really helped calm my nerves as well as provide some relief from the boring bits. Boring bit on one sock? Change to challenging bit on the other sock. Perfect and it kept me motivated.

I have already started by second pair of socks and they are for Angus, who will be turning six this week. Then there will be socks for Duncan. Then, finally socks for me! I went to my LYS two days ago and stocked up on many of the needle sizes that were lacking from my collection. How on Earth did I end up with FOUR 3mm circs, all 80 cm long? Clearly, I had to fill out the collection, sadly- I had to buy more Susan Bates. For shame. But look at the cute socks! Almost done! Should I do the instep in ribbing or plain? Advice please!



Why didn’t anybody tell me that knitting socks was so much fun? What a great time I had knitting these for my Toasty Toes Pal. She will be receiving them tomorrow- I can’t help myself when it comes to overnight shipping. It is a weakness in me about overnight shipping- how amazing is it that it can leave my house today and be thousands of miles away by tomorrow by Noon?

For a while now I have felt pretty silly buying LOTS of sock yarn and not knitting socks. I had started several pairs and then frogged them all but these were a breeze. They are the Basic Cabled Socks ala Brainy Lady. With a standard slip stitch heel flap and a Kitchenered toe! My very first! I have no idea how Kitchenering works but it does and look at that toe. It amused the hubbalicious to no end that grafting a toe is called Kitchenering- he went to University in Kitchener. Well, technically it was Waterloo- maybe in our house we should Waterloo the sock!

They are knit out of Koigu KPPPM on two 2.75 mm circs. Why are there two sizes of Size 2 needles? And why are the 2.75 mm so tough to find. All I could find were some Susan Bates and they were pretty awful. Effective but awful. Let’s just say I will be looking for a different brand- the size gave me perfect gauge but I really do not want to suffer through those needles again.

Even though I waited until the last possible minute to knit these it was all a joy and I learned so much. It was rather intimidating because my pal is seriously an expert sock knitter whose skills I greatly admire. I think that is why I put off knitting them for so long- I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Another reason I was worried is that my Toasty Toes Pal and I have very different taste in colors. She prefers very muted and heathered and I go for bright solids. I hope this color is muted enough for her- I have a hard time telling- I do think it is a nice color though. (The light was awful today and this is not the most accurate depiction of the color) I thought for sure they would pool differently and be horribly fraternal, I think they are maybe not identical but more similar than not. Phew!

Well, I think it is safe to say, that I will have to come up with some other way to embarrass myself- these look pretty great, if I do say so myself!



We have been very thoughtful here lately- by that I mean full of thought. There is a whole lot of transition going on around here-not just the seasons or the start of school but deeper, heavier transitions which I will disclose later. And all is good- not to worry!

But for today, look at the wonderful gifts that arrived at my house yesterday from The Other KT:

They really did bring tears to my eyes with the thoughtfulness and care that went into to the making of these gifts- Thank You dear friend

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