Now THAT is how a swap is done!

May 10, 2008 by

Oh Darlene! Darlene, Darlene, Darlene- you are a doll.  Holy Moses, that gal gives GOOD sock swap.  My May Day Pal is Darlene of Yarn Collectors Anonymous (and AKA Crazy for Yarn in Alabama) and she is wonderful.  Poor Darlene has been positively fretting that my package was lost.  When she shipped it from The Great State of Alabama on May One, the said it would be 7 to 10 days.  Ten days on the nose. And worth every second of the wait.

I want to go slow so as not to miss anything, because there  is a LOT and also wanting to go fast because I am SO excited!


First the haul, minus the socks because as really great the haul is, the socks are magnificent.

Clockwise from 9 o’clock (let’s see if I can actually pull this off):

A great lined notebook- clearly meant for knitting notes while on the go!

Sticky notes & a magnetic note pad- more note taking- good idea with the Mama addled brain!

Cute sheep card.

A very well hidden napkin caddy with great Orange Parrot Tulips on them.  Darlene those are one of my ALL time color/flower combinations.  You nailed it.

Coffee!  From Birmingham.  Oh how I do love Alabama.

Trekking in color #135.  Perfect!

The Trekking is next to 2, TWO really great tulip themed draw string bags- perfect for the on the go sock knitting!

Some beautiful stitch markers from Alabama Fiber Dreams.  They are small and perfect for socks.  Plus they are lime green & orange.  So me!

Then tissues with flowers, a super cute watering can key chain, flower seeds, a soak sample and some note cards. Very needed- all.

A very pretty and dare I say ladylike coffee cup.  I will take care that she will not get roughed up by our Pacific Northwest brutish coffee cups.

And finally some STR Medium weight (Yay! Medium weight!  I have enough Heavyweight to sink the Titanic, so variety is welcome) In the color "Mesa" which I have never seen before.  It is well documented, my love of STR!




And now, my friends.  Calm yourselves.  Breathe in, Breathe out.  You are not prepared for the absolute perfection that are my socks.  Darlene you are a marvel!







Thank you so much Darlene.  I am positively overjoyed with my perfect colors, perfect fit, perfect length socks.  They are a thing of wonder and I could not have picked something more perfect for myself.  Thank you for all your care and kindness. You have my heart.

3 Responses to Now THAT is how a swap is done!

  1. Crazy For Yarn In Alabama

    Indeed….I am SOOO relieved your May Day Pkg. has FINALLY arrived!!! With such a bad day Wednesday I truly wish it had arrived that day…..but glad it arrived before the start of a new and hopefully much better week for you!! I’m glad the socks fit…always nervous about that part…and glad that you like the other goodies!!!! I truly enjoyed putting together this pkg. for you and so glad that you like everything!!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!! :)

  2. Laura

    What a beautiful Mothers Day Weekend you had!! Such a lovely package and socks and you really know someone is into details when they’re drawing precious little flowers on the Outside of the box! Congratulations on a very special swap package and pal! XOXOXOX