The Big Reveal

May 2, 2008 by

Thanks so much for all the fun guesses about Mom’s true age.  She is tickled beyond belief.  Her birthday isn’t until May 18 but she is starting to celebrate tonight with a party thrown by some of her dear friends (whom I adore) in her honor.  Apparently they have been cooking for days and it should be quite the affair.  Wish I could be there, sadly I don’t have the freedom to hop a flight to Los Angeles at a whim. Right- children, fever, husband out of town, diabetes.  Crap!

We have a Winner!  Actually, there were two correct guesses Jill & Frieda!  (Jill please email me with your 411 and preferences at kt at theeislers dot com- Frieda- I totally know how to find you). You will both receive a skein of BMFA Knitters Without Borders and an additional skein of BMFA in a weight  & color of your choosing from the stash.

And now- drumroll………………………………………………………………

Hold onto your hand knit socks- my Mom is turning……………………..






She is truly beautiful and amazing.  Her outsides are not nearly as wonderful as her insides. May we all look half as good at 70.  Mom, you are a wonder and we love you. 

7 Responses to The Big Reveal

  1. Cathy-Cate

    And here I was so worried I would offend her by guessing 65, even though she looks so much younger.
    Happy Birthday, KT’s Mom!
    I think you passed that wonderful smile on to your daughter….

  2. Mom

    Only my beautiful, talented daughter could think this up! The contest was such a giggle and I had such a good time reading all your wonderful comments. Thanks, ladies, you are very much appreciated! Love, KT’s Mom

  3. Darlene Watkins

    I’m sorry, but I must demand a copy of the birth certificate…there is NO way your mom is turning 70!! WOW!!!!!!
    Tell us her secret!!!!
    Congrats to your mom!!!

  4. Laura

    Oh my gosh. I’m with Darlene. Isn’t there some kind of carbon dating process we can use or research the newspaper announcements or anything?? No way is she 70!
    A Very Happy Birthday to you, Mom. How lucky for you KT (and your kids!) to have such a beautiful Mother and Grandmother. :)

  5. Norma

    NO FRICKIN’ WAY!!! She looks younger than I do, and I’m told I look much younger than my 48 years. I repeat: NO WAY!!!