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May 1, 2008 by

My May Day Sock Swap package is off, winging its way to parts East. How’s that if you are trying to figure out if I am your Sock Swap Pal? Especially since just about everything is East of here. I fought the urge to ship it next day air, which is a strong urge in me. (As Emily will attest to.)

Clicking through the finished socks on Swapper’s blogs, there are sure some real beauties.  It is exciting to know that a pair are on their way to me.  Which ones will they be?




This wee strip of holes makes me happy beyond measure.  In my knitting skill set, there are many things I can do and yet lace has always seemed elusive and confounding. I managed to find a local class during school hours and today was day one.  A great thing about this class is three fold. First, we were not assigned a class project but rather were allowed to pick whatever lace project we wanted.  I picked The Flight of the Honey Bees Shawl by Sharon Winsauer for Alpaca with a Twist.  Second great thing about this class is the instructor, Becky (Ravelry Link).  And third, I am using some righteously beautiful yarn. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci in a mystery colorway that I purchased in Scappoose at Tina’s stash sale in November.  Score!  The color is perfection for a honey bee pattern.


Don’t forget, Mom’s contest end tomorrow, Friday May 2 at Noon PST. 

Leave your guess!  Good luck to all!


Love you all to bits- KT

3 Responses to Buzzing Around

  1. Laura

    Oh the lace. I can’t wait to see a little more – the color is so yummy!
    Okay now. I swear I thought the person in that picture with Birthday Boy was YOU. So obviously you’re only like, what… 17? And your mom is really 40?? OH my gosh.

  2. jmcmjoan

    Oh, the Honeybee shawl is beautiful! And the colorway is perfect! Could it be Oregon Red Clover Honey??? Can’t wait to watch your progress!