Off I go…

April 13, 2008 by

  Tomorrow morning bright and early I am off to Sock Camp.  The car is packed, permission slips for field trips signed and children hugged and kissed.

We had Duncan’s big 5 year old birthday party on Saturday and it was wonderful.


Here is a super cute if a little dark picture of my Mom & Duncan.

This year is really a year of milestones- Craig & I will be married 10 years, Duncan turns 5, I  turn 40 in August, my Mom turns "X".

We FINALLY sold our house in Virginia after almost 12 months on the  market!  Yea!! Angels singing!


Love to you and hopefully I will blog from Camp.


If you are reading- THANK YOU!!

Love -


5 Responses to Off I go…

  1. Anita

    ~Sock Camp!!! How fun.
    ~Take 40 in stride. It’s no big deal. ;-)
    ~Congratulations on the sale of your house! I’m sure that relieves a huge amount of stress.
    ~Now… 5 is a milestone. ;-)
    Have a great week at sock camp.

  2. Laura

    What a beautiful happy picture!! Love this. :)
    Have a super wonderful time at Sock Camp (envy envy envy) – and Congratulations on the sale of your House! Hooray!

  3. linda

    What a great picture! Duncan is adoreable and your mom looks about 30!! It was so great to hang out with you again at sock camp. It was a blast. Hugs.