And now we are 5

April 9, 2008 by



Today my baby turns 5.  What a cacophony of emotion.  It is thrilling that logic and reason are starting to creep in and heartbreaking that there are no babies in the house.

Every Friday Duncan gets out of school at noon, so we have some special time just the two of us.  Each and every Friday he says, as he gets in the car: "Mama, can we have a Gluten Fest and then go to the fabric store?"  So off we go for pizza (we are a gluten free house- big brother has Celiac) and about half way through lunch, Duncan says to me :"Mama, do you think the fabric store has anything new for my stash?"

And yes, he has a stash.  If you were wondering what the stash of a barely five year old little boy looks like, here you go:



(motorcycles, dolphins, firetrucks, police vehicles and crowns)


But he does have some mighty big shoes to fill (this isn’t all of it- trust me)


Happy Birthday Duncan.  You have my heart- always.

Love to all of you- back with much to tell.

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