Part Two

January 22, 2008 by

Here is what I decided to do…

Weigh knitted sock and leftover yarn from cake #1

Done! 196 grams

Weigh cake #2.

Done! 200 grams

Rip back sock to heel.

Done! Look!

Then I will add about 3 more inches to the leg of this and then switch to cake #2 for the foot. So the leg will differ from the foot yet both socks will be the same.

Scintillating, no?

4 Responses to Part Two

  1. kt

    Trust me folks, if you got the chance to touch these babies, you’d wish YOU had size 14 feet so’s you could steal ‘em away from this vixen-y knitress!

  2. Laura

    Gorgeous! heh Sorry about the double comment on the prior post! Too little too late, looks like. Sounds like you’ll be very satisfied with the end results and won’t have to reknit the entire sock. Whew! :)