A helluva a year

December 31, 2007 by

We moved cross-country for the second time in three years, back to a place that I thought we had left for good. We are thrilled to be back and have settled in rather well. The boys love their school. And it is only six minutes from the house.

Craig loves his new job, which is at a company that has been very good to us in the past.

It was my supreme pleasure to go to sock camp and make many new friends. April cannot come soon enough so that I can go again. SO EXCITED.

I have met many lovely bloggers in the flesh: Jessica, Ryan & TMK, Cousin Tom (eat your hearts out- he is one AWESOME monk!) The other KT (who is moving here!!!!), hung out with the gals from Blue Moon at the stash sale (serious crushes all around), and kept in touch with some of my fave bloggers .

Plus I have been teaching knitting to Duncan’s class 4-6 year olds. We have been doing finger knitting so far and are soon to move onto needle knitting. The best ones at the finger knitting? The Kindergarten Boys. They are seriously fierce. Teaching finger knitting to four year olds? A special kind of Hell.

On the not so pleasant side, we have had 8 kabillion bouts of Pink Eye, a Thousand bouts of Strep, Angus vomited more times in that single day than he had in his entire lifetime (vomiting when you are diabetic is serious business.. insulin is administered to combat food- food comes out of the body but the insulin stays in and you get very low blood sugar which can result in seizure or coma), a surgery for Duncan, a endoscopic biopsy for Angus, one ER trip for me and one for Duncan, which involved 2 hospitals and a rush hour ambulance trip across a floating bridge. Who knew that strep could present with abdominal pain and that an appendix could be so hard to find via ultrasound? A diagnosis of Celiac Disease for Angus, which by the way is a COMPLETE ASS KICKER. There is gluten in EVERYTHING. I seriously wept when I found gluten free stuffing cubes at Whole Paycheck at Thanksgiving. I had no idea how much I was dreading Thanksgiving without stuffing. And it was great!! I thought there was going to be no gravy either and the potato flour saved the day.

There were many icky hairy things about 2007. We are holding many good thoughts for 2008, I have my creative goals roughed out, we seem to have somewhat of a handle on our medical issues (I still think that if the software business ever tanks we could get a gypsy caravan with a sign reading “The Eisler Family Traveling Side Show of Medical Oddities and Semi-Misfortune “).

There are two happenings in early 2008 that give me such joy and hope for the world. Both this gal and this gal are going to be welcoming children into the world. We may have a fighting chance yet.

If you have stuck it out this far, a special treat- Angus picked out this yarn for me to make him socks- it is BMFA Sherbert in Heavyweight with Ruby slippers heels and toes. Knit on size 3′s. 6.5 sts to the inch. How can you not feel happy when your 7 year old boy wants pink socks.


Love you all to bits and pieces-


12 Responses to A helluva a year

  1. Emily

    Happy New Year to you! Here’s to 2008 – a year with no Medical Surprises. Seriously, all summed up like that it sounds like The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck is clearly overrated). What an odd blessing to have moved to a town where you can get Gluten Free Stuffing Cubes (sounds like something astronauts eat)! To raise a gluten free kid down here, it would be carrots all the way bay-bee. MWAH

  2. kt

    Those socks DO rock! He is a happenin’ dude if ever I saw one.
    2008 is going to be full of adventure–the good kind, not the medical kind. I think you ‘uns have punched your “medical-stuff” voucher for the next ten years or so.
    Can’t wait to get there and knit there and laugh and snort and chortle and giggle there! See ya soon! MWAH to the Grumpy One and the BoundingBoys.

  3. marti

    glad you came home to roost in the pnw. it has been a pleasure getting to know you and i am looking forward to seeing you at sock camp!

  4. Cara

    Oh my friend – I hope this year is positively BORING for you!!! ;-)
    Thank you for always being in my corner. I really appreciate it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  5. Ryan

    We were just thinking about you, and here we are mentioned in your latest entry! It was so nice to meet you when Cuzzin Tom was here. It didn’t hurt that you wooed me with piles and piles of beautiful yarn.
    Best wishes for 2008!

  6. Joanna

    Hi – came across your blog by happenstance and read about your son’s Celiac diagnosis. After about 2 years of undiagnosed problems, the docs finally realized I had Celiac. I was 11 and I’m now 34. Hang in there, it will get easier for you. There are WAY more gluten free foods now then there used to be. (It was no fun eating PB&J rice cake sammiches in the school cafetieria, believe me!) And best of all, it won’t be long before your son is back to feeling like a healthy kid again. Good luck as you start getting used to the new GF lifestyle. It’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s well worth it.