Spinning and Whirling

August 4, 2007 by

Remember when I mentioned that I took a stack n’ whack class? Well, I’ve nearly finished the top! (Need to square up and maybe add a border).

This was really fun to make and I learned loads. Up to this juncture, I had never done point, just squares. At first it was intimidating and I think most (not all) of them turned out pretty well. Exhibit A:

The colors in the 2nd photo are pretty accurate. Also, I had never done any sashing, let alone a trellis technique. I loved the meta-construction and can see myself applying it to lots of quilts in the future.

I tried to really push the colors and I do love it. Lots of room for improvement in my piecing, though!

Have a great Saturday!

Love y’all to bits-


6 Responses to Spinning and Whirling

  1. kt

    Girlie and I love the quilt! Bee-yoo-tee-full.
    Keep the NW green for us–we’re trying to get up that way!

  2. Jessica

    Looks great. I’ve been quilting up a storm since I caved and bought a Bernina at Quiltworks NW last weekend! Have you been to their sale? It’s incredibly dangerous. I have an entire box of fabric now.

  3. Konchog

    Um, KT? That’s totally gorgeous. You’ve really got a gift. One of our nuns is a quilter and I’m a-gonna send her over to check this out.