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In the middle of March 2000, there was a death in our family and Craig could not attend the services which were in the mid- west of the continent, so I went to represent and help with the arrangements. From there, I went onto Brooklyn to see my best girl friend from college (I was more than half way to Brooklyn anyhow. And no I did not sleep on the plane! Ha- I crack myself up!).

I walked into Heidi’s apartment in Bay Ridge and very tactfully said: “Oh my GOD! What are you cooking? It smells AWFUL!” She asked if I was okay and I said that I was really sore. She took one look at me and said: “You’re pregnant.”

My reply: “Get serious! I am not!”

For the next several days both she and her husband, Mark, encouraged me to take a test, finally on day 3 I relented. I dug a stick out from under her bathroom sink- yes it was still sanitary and wrapped. I did what I had to do. I went down stairs and talked to Heidi & Mark. Then I went up stairs and phoned home (Yes, “K.T., Phone Home” has been popular ever since the movie came out). Here is how the conversation with Craig went:

KT: “Hey Babe, its me. How are you?”

Craig: “Great, my brother is here and we are just hanging out, doing computer stuff.”

K: “Do you have a sec?”

C: “Sure, what’s up?”

K: “Are you sitting down?”

C: “Yup.”

K: “No, really, you should sit down.”

C: (somewhat exasperated) “I am sitting down!”

KT: ” I’m pregnant.”

Craig: (dead silence, then…) “Oh my god, I need to sit down.”

I love that story.

When I was pregnant with Angus, Craig bought me a sewing machine to replace my great-grandmother’s Singer that I inherited. It was not as ancient as it sounds, she bought it in 1982 and she passed in 1992. Pearl Nile Rappaport was her name and I miss her every day. She was married to my Boppa (Julius Rappaport) for over 50 years (Mom, is that right?) even though he was her 3rd husband. The first 2 went out for a pack of smokes or a carton of milk and never came back (as family legend has it). Anyhow, they were really my true grandparents and so much of who I am is because of them. Boppa & I had a garden, Grammy painted a beautiful sign that said””K.T.’s Garden”. I spent a lot of time with them when I was growing up. We had Sunday dinner almost every week. Pearl was a very accomplished seamstress, painter, very devout in her faith and loved me with all her heart. I can still feel her aged hand in mine when I said good bye to her. She was so happy that I told her, if she wanted to – she should leave the planet.

Anyhow, Craig bought me a sewing machine when I was pregnant with Angus and I did sew with it but because it was bought online, there was no store I could go to for support, classes, etc. We made a deal right before we moved back (after 7 years of me struggling with the blasted machine)- If I could not find the support/classes, etc that I wanted/needed then I could buy a new machine. At first, I think he was pretty appalled that I wanted to forsake my machine that HE bought me. Once I said to him: “What if I bought you a computer and there were no updates, support or software- would you want a new machine?”

That sold it. I would like to introduce you to Althea Pearl. She is a gorgeous Bernina 730E and we are currently having quite the fling.

The store I bought her from is taking wonderful care of us and offers a great many classes. I took a Stack N Whack Spinners class from the lovely Pat French.

Also I start my mastering my Bernina class series today. Very exciting!

Another exciting thing- On Sunday I went to a fête for a certain Buddhist Monk, thrown by his cousin and her partner.

Have a great day and I send my love to all of you.

7 Responses to Big news

  1. kt

    Congrats on the “new arrival”–sounds like an elephant gestation, tho that’s a mere 22 months, methinks.
    Enjoy your Pearlie-girlie!

  2. Jessica

    Well that was a big freaking fake out. :(
    It was great meeting you this weekend!
    Your machine does look lovely and so does your quilt block. I’ll have to go to Quiltworks NW with you sometime so they’ll know to be nice to me too. ;)

  3. Laura

    My gosh there’s a lot to comment on in this post! hehe Awesome new power tool ya got there… have a lot of fun with it! Stack n Whack? HA! Funny name. :)
    Great way to break the preg news to your husband. That cracks me up too. I remember when I told Jeff we were expecting Emeline I don’t think he spoke for a week, he was so stunned. Then we didn’t tell anyone for about two months. Take lots of pictures of your new projects!! XOXOX

  4. Ryan

    It was SO great to finally meet you! And thank you for the gifties! I actually carried my yarn around the house for a while today, for no reason, no lie. So beautiful…
    Hope we can spend some more time together again soon!