Happy Happy Fourth

July 5, 2007 by

I just had the BEST day. And I want to share it with you and capture it for myself. So, the blog is a natural solution.

I don’t even know where to begin, my heart is so full. I could make this really long or really short- I am just going to write and see how she turns out.

People, you are my community in a lot of ways and today I got to be back in another community that has been a part of me and I have been a part of for a great long time.

Long, long ago I moved to Seattle (1989) and spent about a year here. I lived on Capitol Hill and went to art school for painting (Cornish) and worked in a pie shop (Peerless Pie) that I could walk to from my $350 a month BEAUTIFUL studio apartment. I took a trip to Berkeley to see a girlfriend and met a guy who was for the record and in hindsight a total loser and decided that I need to move to the East Bay and live with him, which I did. (who she of course had a crush on but none the less she said “go for it” and then never talked to me again). Don’t even remember how long it lasted- a year- ish maybe. I left and rented space in a loft (makes it sound glamorous- it wasn’t) that was also a glass blowing studio. It was fun and boho and I dated and tried to figure who and what I was. I got an retail job (Whole Earth Access) that I could walk to from the loft/glass blowing studio which, oh by the by was located inside a bronze foundry (in Emeryville). Got an office job that I could also walk to.Then I was making enough money that could move out of said boho space and rented a beautiful mother-in-law in Kensington. It was so sweet the view was fantastic. It was a 3 bridge (Bay Bridge, Golden Gate, & Richmond), 2 prison (Alcatraz & San Quentin) view. For you who are not sure why this is great I could see ALL of the San Francisco Bay while laying on my bed. The MIL apartment had a view, a patio, was close to North Berkeley – it was a real step up and I was so happy and proud because I had done it myself. I got a job in San Francisco and then, I was a commuter! So fantastically grown up and professional. I worked for a firm that did Instructional Design and interstitial programming. I ended up moving to San Francisco and living on 14th & Geary (right around the corner from House of Bagels).

During that time I met Robert. No not a flame. Robert became a confidant and good friend. He was a support and a joy and on some level we just clicked. Another way to say it is that we just were. Robert asked me to be part of his commitment ceremony and I was- what a great honor. And I wore the HOTTEST red dress- well to be honest- I made it hot. Must find picture.

I got a new car and drove by Robert’s apartment with the top down (the car’s, not mine) the day I got it and leaned on the horn until he stuck his head out the window. You get the idea. I adore Robert.

Then through some wild turn of events- oh I remember- I realized that I wanted to get married and have a family and could not really picture raising a family in San Francisco. To those of you who do- right on! I just realized that Seattle was more my style and I moved back. No job, a bit of savings and a spot on the fold out futon of M&M- I stayed three months- they are a generous people and are my friends to this day. M&M (who move to England very soon- bon voyage!) and Robert are friends- they introduce me to P&P. Robert moves to Seattle and meets a wonderful man, D. (The commitment ceremony guy turns out to not to be such a good fit) I found a job working in a wholesale rose warehouse for the craziest boss ever and not crazy in a good way (accosting the pizza delivery guy that the pizza was too greasy by picking up a piece and thrusting it at him. So glad that is in the past.)

So now we have Robert & D, M&M and P&P and me. These are amazing people. And they in turn introduce me to M&A, who are a great couple who live in a little house on a lake WAY out in Redmond. I get a job (contracting) at Microsoft and eventually meet the most fabulous husband ever, Craig. I introduce Craig to the whole lot of them. Craig and I buy a house WAY out in Redmond and get a very nice 4th of July invite from M&A to come to there lake house for the 4th.

Craig & I went there every year on the fourth, eventually including Angus- until we moved to Virginia.

Well, today we went to M & A’s (which they have spectacularly remodeled, renovated and built an entire top floor on) (women who are general contractors- gotta love it) for the fourth. It is precisely 2 minutes from our new house. I walked in and A greeted me with a huge hug and a tour of the gorgeous house. Then I saw the female P, who I have known for almost 13 years, and Angus was talking to quite excitedly. While I was talking to her somebody came up behind me. It was Robert! The whoop that coma outta me was so happy, so involuntary and so perfect. I could barely pry my arms off of him. That hug felt so, so good. Then onto D who I adore! They have been together since there first date- it will be 11 years on July 7th! Congratulations- you are so good together.

Then I saw the male P and then I found M. Hugs all around. These are my people- they KNOW me- they know all the 800 shades of me and just get who I am. I got to show them my kids as big kids and what fine young boys they are. D took Angus paddle boating on the lake for almost an hour today. Craig showed up- more big hugs all around and eventually he took the boys and they did secret Eisler boy stuff and I got to sit and chat and cry and connect with people who have know so many versions of me.

I was talking to M, Girl P, Robert & D and I just welled up. I looked at each of them and realized I was exactly where I needed to be. With people who have known me forever and love me no matter what and without whom I would not be the person I am today. I told them that I never ever expected to be sitting on this deck on the 4th again (we thought we’d stay in Virginia forever- HA!) and that it was a honor and a joy. M raised her arms and said “Welcome Home”.

You know- I turn 39 next month. I have known Robert since I was 25.

Coming home is good.

So very very happy to be here.

Love to you all- I have missed you- KT

12 Responses to Happy Happy Fourth

  1. Cara

    I’m so glad you’ve found your place and your people! Happy Fourth of July! (For truly independence, in some way, is finding where you belong, no?)

  2. marti

    thank you so much for sharing. i am glad you had such a wonderful day! it is so nice to feel like you have come home.

  3. Jenn

    Your post made me tear up. I grew up in VA and am now in California. I have a friend that I have known since I was 15 in Va. He comes out twice a year and when he gets here, I feel like I am “home”. I would give anything to move back to VA, but since I don’t see this happening soon, I will take any part of home I get :-)
    So glad that you found your “home”!

  4. Laura

    *sniff* Aww KT. *wipe a tear* I’m so happy that you had such a wonderful holiday. :)
    You can love your spouse and children. You can like your occupation and house. But friends who know you and love you and make you feel so incredibly happy to be around – it just adds icing to the cake of life. Thanks for telling that wonderful story and sharing such a special day of your life and the background that made it so great for you.

  5. D

    We love that you and Craig are back! Welcome back to the family. Dinner soon!
    Love, D ;)

  6. wendee

    This is a great story. Thanks for sharing.
    I love it when I click through to a blogger though another blogger (sugarbunnyblvd.)who happens to be near my stomping grounds! I’m glad you are at home in Western WA.

  7. Erin

    Wow, what a great story. You should print this off and make sure you have it as a keepsake. So glad you are “home”.

  8. Carrie

    Hi, that was a wonderful story I just learned so much about you I had no idea. I am so glad you are back in Seattle and so happy. Happy late fourth! Give the boys my love!!