A Very Quilty Weekend

May 29, 2007 by

We had a really nice long weekend. The boys were home from school on Friday (teacher in-service), so it was a four day weekend for us. Long weekends are a lot like snow days- you wish for them with visions of togetherness and making things and then about three hours into it, I think : “What was I thinking?”

This past weekend was the exception. There was togetherness and making things- making things together even! My sewing/knitting Laboratory has always been off limits to the kids with very good reason, I might add. Occasionally, they would be allowed in until they couldn’t sit still anymore. This weekend Angus came with me in there and worked, quietly for about 40 minutes. There are now a couple of ground rules: Rule One of Mommy’s Magic Sewing Room- Follow the Rules! Rule Two of Mommy’s Magic Sewing Room: They are all Mommy’s Rules! These seemed to work pretty well. Angus asked me for some pins to use on the scraps he found. His plan for the fabric is for me to sew a pocket…

Not exactly sure how that is going to work, but far be it from me to tell him that. I completely decline to squelch any interest he has in the fiber arts. When he was done pinning and began telling me how to make the quilt I was working on, it was time for some diversionary tactics. I asked him to pick out some fabrics that he liked and we could make something from it. Here is what he picked:

And let me tell you this MIND BLOWING OCCURANCE! First- I left him ALONE in my sewing room!! Can you imagine? I couldn’t imagine but I DID DO IT! When I left there were scraps and pins EVERYWHERE. When I came back in Angus, ALL BY HIMSELF, had put all the pins back in the box, put the lid on the box and put ALL THE SCRAPS IN THE TRASH CAN!! Holy Crap! He had no help, it was his own idea and he executed it PERFECTLY. This feat of wonder earned him the right to have his own little corner of work space in in Laboratory. He is really getting the connection between initiative and rewards earned. Very Cool and I never, ever thought I would see the day. My secret hope is that he will turn into a version of Jane’s Thomas- advising, helping and playing.

Do you remember this quilt top? I finally got around to putting the borders on it this weekend! And I think I found the fabric for the backing and binding. Now all I have to do is make the sandwich. EEEK! This gives me fits of jitters but I do have my pins, masking tape, floor space and a quiet house. The pansies in the front are for the binding and the large leafy is for the back. What do you think? I am liking it, though I would never have picked the lotus fabric for the outer border. Followed a suggestion from my new local quilt shop- WHICH I AM LOVING! Will tell more about them later. So whaddya think?

Here is a bigger picture, and again I am pretty pleased though a wee bit uncomfortable with the wide border- still not sure if I am 100% about it or not. And I am willing to try new things, plus fabric is a renewable resource, Right?

There are two more parts to my very quilty weekend. They have nothing to do with each other.

This was a fun, but not very personal post- Laura- I pledge to get more personal. Yes, I promise to take the coaching!

Thank you to all of our service people who stand tall and ready to defend our lives. God Bless you. I cannot manage more on Memorial Day as I get too choked up. For more read my post from last year here.

Love you all. Thanks for reading and Be Good to Yourselves!

4 Responses to A Very Quilty Weekend

  1. Emily

    I think I want to make a quilt. I bet it would go faster than the CounterPain. I could just do squares and then do that thing where you tie the yarn through all the layers instead of actually quilting it. What do you think?

  2. kt

    I’m with Emily. I have one of those that was made by a friend for my girlie when she was wee, and now it’s mine, all mine!!!MWaha-haha!
    Stick with the wide border. The lotuses are peaceful and leafy and they have round-y shapes which offset the angulaity-ness of the main bod o’ the quilt.
    Isn’t Jane’s Allotment Quilt to DIE for?

  3. Laura

    Ahhhh…. I want a dress made from each of those fabrics, and matching dresses for the babies too please. :)
    Lovely. Quilting is another dream hobby of mine. I dream and buy a lot of fabric and rarely finish anything because I refuse to do it on the machine. I don’t machine knit, why would I machine quilt or piece? Mmmm, no no no. :)
    I keep thinking I missed something….. have you finished the baby afghan? I just want to eat those colors!

  4. Stephen

    So… how has Angus’ adventures in Mommy’s sewing laboratory gone since May?
    I hope life is treating you and yours well!