My Mom Went to Japan and I Didn’t Get a Crappy T-Shirt

May 23, 2007 by

So my mom came to visit this past weekend, which was also her birthday. We gave her a few small gifts (paints, sketch book, etc) and then mom got to shop my stash. The conversation went something like this:

Mom: Wow, look at all that beautiful, colorful yarn!

KT: Oh that is the Blue Moon yarn I have been telling you about, Socks That Rock. You should take some home with you!

Mom: Why? I am never, ever, EVER going to knit socks. I just don’t do that. (not an exact quote but you get the idea-imagine I suggested she tatoo a barcode on her forehead.)

KT: Mom, you can make a bunch of things other than socks with this stuff. (I whip out the mitres, the snake scarf for Duncan, the sweater, the baby blanket)

Mom: But because it is sock yarn, you must use a really tiny needle, right? (Tiny for me is size one, tiny for Mom is a six.)

Then she felt all the squooshy loveliness and I suggested that the Blue Moonstone would be perfect for her and I saw it. That little spark in her eyes that she didn’t think I saw/wanted me to see. Four skeins of STR heavyweight in Bluemoonstone (and some other things) later she was on her way! Our plan is that she get in touch with the BMFA gals and order the same color in a fiber that she can carry along with it so it can be knit on an 8 or 9.

Oh my goodness Lookie!!!! My folks went to Japan and look what they brought me back! It was so kind and generous of them- Thanks Mom & Jerome! This particular set of parents (yes there is more than one- I should org chart it for the blog-HA!) have some very good friends that are Australian, lived in Hong Kong for a good long while and have travelled to Japan frequently over a great number of years. Off the four of them went with a wee request from me… If at all possible could they score me some Japanese fabric? John & Judy took time out of the trip to show my folks fabric shops and I think markets and what they found was enchanting! Some of these are available here (shhhhhh! don’t tell) and I couldn’t care less as they are fabrics I never would have picked for the stash and that is good! It is always wonderful to find uses for things that you might not normally pick. Expanding horizons and all that.

First there is some Kaufman fabric. This falls into the category of something I would not pick and will love to find a use for. Very exciting as the fabric will always be special to me and the funny part is my maiden name is, indeed Kaufman! No relation as far as I know, though my grand father used to own textile mills.

The next lot I thought were fat quarters but upon unpacking them I saw all the edges are sewn down. Placemats ? Japanese doilies? Panels? Don’t know and I will certainly find a use for these too. Jan (or anybody else who knows about all this)- if you are reading and have any insight into any of these Japanese mysteries- we would love to hear them!

There are two more lots and I am not certain which I find more wonderful. The first is several squares that feel like Bark Cloth but are most certainly synthetic- maybe rayon? I love these so much and may have to incorporate them into some sort of clothing….Appliques on a T-shirt maybe? Who knows! I love these to bits.

The last lot has a charm all its own. Look at how these bundles are put together! Sewn though the middle. I find this so practical and basic and lovely and decadent (piercing the fabric? oh I adore it!). Never have I seen this before, it is such a contrast from all the prettily tied fat quarter packs I have seen in my local shops. I think my preference is this way….

The pieces seem to be completely irregular in size. There is a LOT of bunny fabric, which I find perfect. These little bundles came from this shop:

Have a great day everybody! Love you all. Oh, and my mom will probably kill me for this but here she is being her cute self with her grandbabies & her husband:

4 Responses to My Mom Went to Japan and I Didn’t Get a Crappy T-Shirt

  1. Emily

    Ha! She looks like she is having so much fun – that is a great picture (even if she doesn’t think so). The fabric is marvelous! Way better than a t-shirt.

  2. Suz

    I agree. Even if your Mom doesn’t think so, that picture is fantastic.
    Doesn’t it show off more of who she is, rather than a well positioned, staged shot?
    Yeah. I think it does!

  3. kathy boyer

    Tell your mom this. SHE IS SO YOUNG. My goodness I am firsttimer to your blog from Yarn Miracles suggestion. I thought she was the MOM! Truly.
    Im not a seamstress. I LOVE your quilts. I might venture into log cabin world soon

  4. Jan

    Now, how did I miss this post? There was a time in late spring when I got so behind that I just clicked through my Bloglines and started fresh…I’ll bet that’s how.
    If the hemmed fabrics are square, they’re furoshikis…wrapping cloths for carrying items or wrapping them. Check this site:
    If they are not square, they are most probably small table mats…very common Japanese items.