rain drops on roses

May 17, 2007 by

(this was written Wednesday night but posted Thursday . Again the internet.)

If those folks do not fix this problem soon, I am going to have kittens. The internet is out again. Lord only knows when this will post. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day they lay the new (temporary) pipe, we shall see.

Today was a pretty neat day for all of us. (The following may not seem like a big deal, and for us it is. We weigh each gram of food that our son eats and strive to make sure that his diet [as it pertains to Type One Diabetes] is in check. ) Each month Angus and his class take a field trip to the big library in town. As it was the last trip of the year today, they got to have smoothies on the way back from the Library. So I popped into the juice joint, put some insulin in him and off I went. He got to hang out with his friends, be a cool kid and I had a pretty big exercise in letting go. While I am at it, I would like to give a big, HUGE, public shout out to Jamba Juice! I do not know much about this company and what I do know impressed this mother of a diabetic. All and I mean all of the nutritional info for all of the smoothies and other goodies they sell is available online and in the store. This means that we were able to go online, read the info, Angus got to pick what he wanted and I knew ahead of time what the correct dose of insulin to give him was. Because this company took the time and effort to do this, my kid got to take part, we as parents felt confident and I commend them 100%. We really wish that more folks took the resources to do this. Jamba Juice will now be a special treat in our family.

This baby blanket has been a really interesting knit. Garter stitch log cabin, interesting? Why yes, you nay sayers! The most challenging part of it has been thinking outside of my colorway box. As I have said before, it is not that I do not like these colors, I just do not think in these colors. For the colors I see and think and dream in, look at my last post. So, in a way this blanket has also been an exercise in letting go. Trusting you about jewel tones has been a big achievement for me. There have been several times that I have really, really wanted to abandon this project and reclaim the yarn. Then I realized it didn’t matter all that much. Yes, I want to make a beautiful gift for a baby girl whose mother teaches my son everyday. Yes, I want this to be treasured and used and loved. And it will be, almost regardless of what I make it look like. Alice in the Heartland (would you get a freaking blog already?), whom I met at camp, advised me of the most wonderful thing….that I think too much. This comment was taken to heart and yes, I have heard it before. So, I chose to just go with it. Add a color, switch when I want to, more of this and less that. More of the spirit and less of the letter. Oh and did you know that Iowa has 2 coasts? When I assemble my knitting posse for the underground bunker, Alice is SO on the list. You are too, don’t worry!

One more thing. Today before the juice joint, I stopped by an old haunt of mine, Ben Franklin Crafts. Years ago (on a planet far, far away) I used to shop there. Sure it was not the toniest of places and yet they always had something that was fun, new or new to me. So, I went back today and holy cow! The yarn selection used to be very, very limited and in a dark back corner of the store. Now it is almost one whole wing and the selection was pretty darned good, not perfect and much better than expected. One of the reasons I like this place is that they are locally owned and have been there for 32 years. Yes, BF is a franchise operation and not a one-off but at least the dollars stay mostly in the community. It was a really pleasant surprise.

Have a great day!

4 Responses to rain drops on roses

  1. Emily

    The blanket is wonderful – I love the flow I love the colors I love you not thinking about it. Hooray for impulse blanket. And trying new things. And Hooray for Jamba Juice while I am at it, we don’t have one here but it sounds delicious.
    PS If they don’t fix the internet thing and it turns out that you DO have kittens…please, please, I beg you: DO NOT SEND THEM HERE.

  2. kathy boyer

    I feel old….we used to buy our turtles from a Ben Franklin in our town….that was before you worried about sam and ella. BUt we named our turtles that. (bad grammar) We also bought their plastic pool homes with plastic palm trees at BF
    thanks for the memories