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This was so much fun to make. The colors make me so, so happy.

This was my inspiration:

The main color is Lemongrass and the contrast is Backstabber. (Love that name and it is perfect for the color!) Both are STR Heavyweight. Knit on size 4 needles, 6 sts to the inch-unblocked. Please ignore the seaming, I am going to unpick the seams, block this and give the seaming another go. The Backstabber started as a full skein and after I was done, I weighed it and it was 6oz. (having started at approximately 7 oz.). The entire square weighs 3 oz, so I figure that from one skein of heavy weight I can get 3.5 finished squares, or 14 mitres in the main color and 28 mitres in the contrast. The 4 mitres sewn together are roughly 11 inches square. Mainly I am telling you this so that I can have a record of it that I will be able to find later, ha! Btw, I have not seen the Backstabber on the site- I bought it at camp and wish I had bought more. Oh which reminds me of something that I was really happy to hear and I suspect that you will be too. All the colors of STR are available, even if they are not on the site. Just call em and if they have it already fini, then you can have it right away and if not once enough people have requested it, they will dye more. I think I got that right. So if you thought your favorite colorway went bye-bye, call ‘em- I bet they will have it!

I will make more of these for sure. In all honesty, I tried making some last year and I kept making them so the stitch count was off at the end. And I was WAY too embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t knit a mitre correctly, so I clammed up about it. So, Emily to answer your question- that afghan didn’t happen. It might be really interesting to make something (a blanket*cough*) where the main color was the same throughout and the contrasting color changed from square to square. Hmmm. Now I am not saying this will turn into anything, proclamations are always the death of me, it was just really fun to make. I may have a few other color combinations kicking around in my head…

ps: This will get posted IF the internet ever comes back on. It has been going out pretty regularly at about this time each day- you know- the time I have the whole post laid out in my head.

eta: the square was unpicked and steam blocked. It looks beautiful! Even if the square unblocks itself (it is superwash afterall ), it will have been worth it to make the seaming easier. Let’s see if I can get that badboy seamed and photographed before the internet makes a return.

eta: This post was written Tuesday and not posted till now because we had zero internet for over 10 hours! I will post a picture of the blocked and seamed square later today- I just want to get this post up before the internet goes out again!

4 Responses to fun!

  1. Emily

    We are having RAIN. Pretty squares are just the thing I needed to brighten the day. It was timely for me, but I bet the 10 hours without internet was hard to stand!

  2. Suz

    Oooooooh! That’s some seriously fabulous colrway combination you have going on there! I love that you pulled that inspiration from the trees. Very cool.
    Ya know, if i had a 10 hour internet outage, i’d get SO much knitting done. Sometimes i really wonder exactly how i make it through camping trips? ;)

  3. marti

    I love those colors together and your inspiration was perfect! 10 hours of no internet isn’t too bad, try two weeks without a functioning computer at home! yuck!

  4. suse

    Oh my, those colours are superb. Did you use the pattern that knitting iris linked to ages ago? It is a mitred square pattern for using up sock yarn leftovers. I saved it but haven’t yet made it.
    BTW, the dog you asked after on my blog, is a greyhound. See my sidebar link to the Greyhound Adoption Programme, and my 10 things about me for further info.
    I hope you get your internet woes sorted soon.