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May 9, 2007 by

We can hardly believe that the move was over a month ago. Time really does abstract when you move. Requests that were made of me that I SWEAR were made last week, were actually made a month ago. There has been no routine, only very loose scheduling and general mayhem as we muck through the backside of this move. Plus we have had three different house guests since we moved in. Plus Duncan has been home with me because there was no room in the new school until Fall. Great news! A spot in his age group opened up and he started last week! Yay for Duncan! Yay for me! Then Duncan got his “Welcome to your new school” gift. Pink Eye has kept Duncan home from school on what was to be the first full week at the new school. The good news is that he can go tomorrow if Mama got the drops in his eyes soon enough (if he had the drops by 10 he could go Tuesday). Call the Pediatrician to just call in the prescription (with a visit to the doctor) so I can make the deadline, rush to the pharmacy, put the drops in Dunc’s eyes before even leaving the parking lot. Phew! Made it with a minute to spare. Anyhow- my point was not to talk to you about the Goop Du Jour (now there is a stellar idea for the sidebar…Goop Du Jour featuring the Goop Cam! And believe me there is no shortage of Goop in this house. You have no idea how many, many Goop Stories I spare all of you. You are welcome.) Wow, does the above sound whiney? Yep? Is it true? Yep?

Okay, before my whining is over there are a few more things I want to mention:

a) When the icemaker (yes I am grateful to have one) is about to make ice, it sings like a Humpback Whale for about 45 seconds beforehand.

b) The microwave (yes I am grateful to have one) is a bit of a relic, I call it Hanford.

c) The gas stove (yes I am grateful to have one) lights only when it wants to.


d) All of these are easily replaced and we DO love this house (Really, Annette- we do!!!!!).

e) The tree peonies are blooming and knocking my socks off! Holy cow!

f) The boys are outback counting tadpoles in the pond.

g) The tooth fairy comes tonight for Angus.

The point was to talk about how easy it is to not think big, to get pigeon holed or in a rut and too caught up to realize that you are not thinking big that you are indeed thinking about your microwave. And I find myself not thinking big of late and I do not like it at all. It hurts. I was watching Duncan play the other morning and asked myself: “Do I lift him up? Do I help him to dream, to be creative? Or do I reprimand too much?” Then I asked the same questions of myself, about myself. The answer was a resounding “Yes!!”

The cure? Dream a little dream and sing along to the song of the Humpback Whale.

5 Responses to thinking big

  1. Laura

    Sometimes I whine so much about the little things that I think it suprises my husband when I sigh a happy sigh and say “Oh I love our house.”

  2. Alice in the Heartland

    You think too much go PLAY! Goop comes with munchkins so we are also grateful for pharmacies and Dr.s that get things done in time for Duncan to make school Tuesday. Give ‘em a hug and go unpack another box and if that’s all done go knit a row or two. Hugs, Alice

  3. suse

    Thanks for coming to my party. I was going to say “but you WERE one of the 23″ when I realised it was lower case kt. I’m glad both of you came.
    It was kind of weird though, wasn’t it? I think normal blogging will resume soon. When I stop falling over and banging into things.
    Good luck with the goopy eyes. I know that particular hell well.