Subtle colors

April 20, 2007 by

Color for me is such a turn on, so intoxicating. It makes me so happy. Truly there is not a color I do not like. That said, I may not like a color for a particular purpose (me wearing dusty rose- ACK!) and at the same time, I know that each color is beautiful and has a place. Some might need a wing-man for them to perk up and be gorgeous but the potential is there for all color. I seriously believe this. Fervently.

Saturated color just about puts me around the bend. Full strength color is an elixir to me. Tonal color ways may make me completely giddy. Primary colors? Sometimes and not together. Tertiary colors turn me into a puddle of goo.

Angus’ new teacher Miss Nicole (sic) is a knitter! Yay! (How often to you get to ask your child’s teacher if she knows the Harlot?) And almost any minute Miss Nicole (sic) is expecting a baby girl! Baby knitting! And baby girl knitting? That n-e-v-e-r happens around here. A very exciting opportunity. At first, I thought I would make baby socks, having just taken Cat’s class… that is what the class was about- socks! (Still my experience of Cat eclipsed what the class was about- though I will say I learned some AMAZING things that I had a hard time understanding and Cat let me noodle it out and now the knowledge is MINE and in my` little lizard hind-brain forever. Freaking love Cat. She is the Feynman of knitting.)

Now I am looking at my recent Camp Purchases and thinking that a blanket might be in order. A blanket out of STR Heavy Weight

So in the Conga-Line of pick up (not hook-up which sounds way, way more provocative), I asked Miss Nicole if she knew the colors of her new daughter’s room. No, they have not picked yet. So I asked the next logical question: What colors do you like? Bright? Subtle? Primary? Not Primary?

This was my downfall. I should never have asked. Really, we all know that I am going to knit whatever the heck I want regardless of what she tells me. Her answer was Muted and not Primary. I stink at Muted. (But if you call it Tonal, I’m all in. Weird, I know.) One of my cousins is married to a wonderful gal who was born in the UK and they now live in Atlanta. We bought one of their daughters a dress that I thought was extremely Muted and to them it was Neon. Sigh. Cousin’s wife does genteel and I do WAAAAAAAAAA!!!! and yet I fool myself that I do genteel.

So what colors do I use? I am thinking of doing mitres or maybe a log cabin. I thought about the curlicue and realized I do not have the energy for it.

A healthy discussion is welcome. What do you do when you love brights and the recipient loves muted? HELP?

7 Responses to Subtle colors

  1. Susan

    Okay, I’m just gonna give you some tough love….suck it up and just knit your best! The gift should please your recipient. (Was that too harsh? I hope not. I didn’t mean to be too harsh.)
    P.S. We sold our house.

  2. Laura

    Surprise them. It’s amazing how people think “soft” for babies but don’t realize how wonderful color can be. What about jewel tones? I used beautiful jewel toned Noro Silk Garden for an entrelac wrap that I never would have dreamed of using for a baby but WOW it came out so lovely and you know what – it’s also kinda muted because it’s mixed with some greens and browns and whatever. Being “muted” can mean so many things, but don’t do boring or you won’t want to finish the project!

  3. kt

    How about something in a variegated yarn? That way everyone gets the joy. NOT PINK, though, as predictable thou art not!
    What about purples/lavenders or a whole variegated forest of greens? OR strong blues with grey? Tres calming, those greys….

  4. Erin

    I hate to say it but I think you ought to try and please the recipient over yourself. But I like Laura’s suggestion about the jewel tones. Good luck with choosing!

  5. Cara

    See, now, this is why I don’t knit for anyone but myself.
    I’m sure the giftee will be happy with anything you knit – but I’d be worried and knit what they like. If I knit at all. Books make really nice baby gifts. ;-)