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What a few weeks this has been. Moving out west again, new house, camp, two sets of houseguests, Duncan’s 4 year check up, Angus’ first Diabetes check up. When you are diabetic (at least a kid with type one), you get a check up quarterly. He did GREAT and everybody was really in praise of the job our family is doing managing his blood sugars. Honestly, I did not sleep at all the night before and finally I figured out why- I was afraid we were going to get another bombshell. (There are many things that Angus is now prone to, which are scary and awful and I am just going to ignore in the moment.)

In other Angus news- he did great on his “trial day” for the elementary program and is now in school as a rising first grader! In the fall he will be in the same class as an official first grader. In our old school he was a kindergartener and the oldest in his class (Montessori does mixed age class rooms). Now he is the one of the youngest and the change has been phenomenal and overnight. He is showing a maturity and poise that blows us away. They went to the library yesterday (on a field trip) and upon returning home, Angus grabbed his book and announced that he was off to do research. Research! Imagine!

Onto the knitting. Yes, really.

This color is a bear and a half to photograph. STR Heavyweight in Lover’s Leap. Did two at once sleeves and they are fini! Yay! Doing both fronts and the back at the same time. Making good progress, I’d say. The color in the middle (the back & the fronts) is probably the most true.

And dude, who ever stole the refrigerator out of our house in Virginia? Shame on you. The rest of you? Love you like crazy!

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  1. Laura

    Oh you! I wanted to leave a comment on your “thoughtful” post. :)
    Good for Angus and good for your family that he’s doing well with his Diabetes.
    Lovely photo there – looks like it’s from Real Simple magazine or something like that.