blissed out

March 30, 2007 by

today i lay on my window seat in my new library/office and watched the beautiful northwest rain fall from the sky. when i sat up and looked out the window i saw more shades of green than i ever remember. all the green was off-set by our beautiful new orange family pet in the little pond outside. the frogs here are chorusing up quite a bit…any frog experts out there? what is a group of frogs called? what is the call and response they do called? too blissed out to google.

knitted like a fiend on the plane. my carry on consisted of ten cakes of bmfa str and medical supplies. knitted for two hours in the lounge then about five hours on the plane.

pictures of it all tomorrow.

have not felt this relaxed in about five years.

i really missed this washington. it is a place that is home for me. lived here mostly since i was twenty. almost thirty nine. still love this place with a stillness and a craziness that are inexplicable.

miss you all and so happy that you all have come with me in this move. especially in my heart.

too blissed out for upper case letters.

7 Responses to blissed out

  1. Laura

    Ahhhhh blissfully happy happy happy for you you you. :)
    I was just saying to my husband a few days ago how I know of several bloggers who are making major changes in their lives by moving across the country. Not just to another house in the same town (some of those too) but far far away from everything that is physically near to them.
    And I get to go with them. I don’t lose touch. I don’t miss their friendship. They took me with them and I am so very grateful for it.
    Congratulations on your bliss. Soak it up while you can because soon enough you’ll realize you’re living in a house full of boxes! ha :)

  2. Emily

    TEN cakes of str? In case you changed your mind about the color in the middle of a sock? Or did the Packing lady just not notice it until it was too late? Heh heh heh.