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So to any move there are many moving parts. And there are many, many parts to our move. Debra runs the whole show (she has been talking me down every day for weeks), then there is Zack who manages a specific segment of our move (Hi Baby Loretta!) and then there is Marion. Oh how we love all of them!

As I have mentioned, the company that is providing all our relocation services is treating us like rock stars. Well, my knitting and sewing friends, let me tell you about Marion.

Marion is my On Site Moving Manager- yeah, – I know hate me if you want, at this point I could give a fig. Not not Sandy’s Fig- we love that Fig. What is an On Site Moving Manager? Essentially she is my handler. Sounds pathetic and wonderful all at the same time, yes? She makes sure my wig is not too big, answers questions from the crew, and even humors the kids when needed. At about 10 am Thursday morning Craig, Marion and I were chatting and I BLURTED out…”This is the easiest move I have ever had!” It was SO calm, so quiet and so kind. (Yes, we are Montessori parents.)

Remember how I said my La-bor-a-tory wasn’t where I wanted it to be? Well, Marion kept me away from the open windows and helped me finish the organizing . At one point she was folding fabric and went to put it in a XXL Ziplock (LOVE THOSE). Marion said to me-”We can’t put it in that other bag, because we KNOW that Fabric and yarn CANNOT go in the same bag!”

Yes, my friends- Marion is one of us. She is a Knitter. She is a Fanatic. How great is the Universe when it sends you a Knitter to help organize your stash?

PS: Marion had never heard of Mason Dixon or The Harlot so I slipped her a couple of books (evil giggle here). And she wasn’t too clear about blogs- so I explained. Also I asked her permission to post her picture, with the agreement that if she was uncomfortable or didn’t like it I would remove it on Monday. (She comes back Monday and I will show her then.)

PPS: In the picture above, we had just spent a whole bunch of time finishing up my Laboratory. Then I went into the bedroom and found my nightstand full of yarn. While we laughed out loud I realized I could not pack more yarn. I had reached my moment of It Is What It Is and May the Wind Be At My Back. Marion is taking the yarn and packing it up for me. Bless Her.

Thank you all so much for all the moving good wishes. Love to you all. Going to bed. Hope to sleep in tomorrow-No movers at o’dark thirty. We fly Thursday! Yay!


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  1. pippi

    How awesome, not only that the move is a kind move, BUT, but, Marion is one of us!!!!!!!
    So very auspicious!
    *waves to Marion*
    join us, join us