The joy of breathing

March 13, 2007 by

Often times I will sit and knit, feeling guilty about all the stuff I am not doing that I currently need to be doing. Enough of that. As the pace around here picks up I am going to carve out time for myself. Two hours a day to knit. The boys will be in school until the day before we leave, so most likely it will be in the morning. Yesterday was the first day of my new regime and it worked wonderfully. After two hours of committed knitting I emerged a happier, more peaceful person. So to avoid The Head Weasels my goal is to knit two hours a day and check in with you each day. Craig is getting on a plane tomorrow (back Tuesday) and get a little anxious when he travels. I would get anxious before Angus’ diagnosis but now I get anxious. Funny when he is home, I sleep like a log and would sleep very late if I could. Knowing that he will be travelling Wednesday, I have been waking up at about 5am for the past few days (no alarm clock). Also having dreams/nightmares that I forget to give Angus his insulin or give it to him twice or that his number is really high (888 to be exact). GAH!

Did you hear the great news? Eunny is the new editor at Interweave Knits. So very exciting for all of us. Her writing, her tutorials and her esthetic are wonderful and I couldn’t be more excited. She is very inspiring to me in her vast knowledge and the way her brain works. Eunny has me wanting to devote more brain power to my knitting…On that note, miles to go before I sleep…

I have a confession: lace confounds me. I can Yo. I can do all sorts of things but when I tried just the sample beginner swatch in Victorian Lace Today (and other patterns) my stitch count varies from row to row. When it is not supposed to. This is really frustrating and a wee bit humbling. No idea where I am deviating from what I am supposed to be doing. Maybe I am overthinking this…I realize my confession is vague but I need help! I will ask Craig if he will take some pictures of what I am doing so we can figure this out together.

Off to knit now. Mwah!

3 Responses to The joy of breathing

  1. Cara

    When it comes to lace, stitch markers are you friend! Even if it’s like a five stitch repeat – put in those stitch markers. That way, you can check each section as you go to make sure you’ve got the right amount of stitches. You need to break it down into little section until you get the hang of the increases and decreases. Lace is SO satisfying.

  2. kt

    Yes, he lace, she is a fickle misress. I started Kiri and subsequently learned the joys of frogging. It wasn’t mohair, but nonethless.
    I like your knitting for two-hours-a-day plan. I just wrangled myself a four-day-work-week and am still pinching myself to be sure it is so….