I’m going in…

March 11, 2007 by

The Stats:

Move date: March 29

New House: Bought. Close on March 15. Yikes, next week!

School for boys: Check! Duncan will be home with me till Summer program starts and they are going to evaluate Angus for the Elementary program for Spring and if that doesn’t work out (which we know it will), he will do the Summer Program and both boys will be in full day in the Fall.

Pets: Check! The pet transport people pick them up on March 21.

Craig: Check! Really excited about his new job, starts March 30. Flies out to close house and set everything up for us next week. Then flies home- Pack & Load- and we all fly out on the 29.

Packing: Nope- they do it all. We are being treated like rock stars and I am soaking every last ounce of it up- once we get to Seattle it will end. Sigh.

Knitting: Yep. Crazy ass cardigan, which I have knit before (out of Magpie-moment of silence for our dear departed Magpie). This time out of STR Heavy Weight- Main Color- Lover’s Leap. Doing the 2 sleeves at once thing- here is a peek…

Cars: Shipped- again with the rock star treatment- for which I will not apologize.

Sock Camp: Cannot wait! I get to drive instead of fly.
Mommy’s Magic Laboratory: Disheveled, but getting better. I am doing all the organizing before hand so I can unpack it and it will be exactly what I want. Happy Happy. Still in love with all the Ziplock Big Bags. Now they even have HUGE and SMALL. Yarn organized by vendor, fabric folded and organized by color.

This is about half the fabric stash, some quilts that need binding and I will try to take a picture of the wool, but you may need medication before you see it. There is quite a lot. Right Emily?
Me: Pretty calm through all this. Freak out occasionally but all in all doing really well.
Angus’ Diabetes: It has been three months now and I can report he is doing AWESOME. He is the most even kid now (while still being a 6 year old little boy). All the things we thought were behavioral/bad parenting/ ADD kid- SOLVED! through the magic and science of insulin. His attention span has grown exponentially and the kid I always knew was in there is coming out. His sense of humo(u)r slays us.
You: Love you all and have missed you terribly.

9 Responses to I’m going in…

  1. Jessica

    Congratulations. Seattle is fiber heaven. There’s a great eastside knitting group and many other groups around the region. Yarn shops galore. Welcome.

  2. kt

    Yay, Yay, and Wheeeeeee!
    Obviously all the good karma we’ve been sending your way has gotten there unscathed. Good. Sounds like things are rolling merrily along, as well they should! You deserve the rock star treatment!
    Looking forward to having you on this side o’ the continent.

  3. Emily Ivey

    There is an entire Hancock worth of fabric in that room – I have never been so impressed in my life. I am also pretty impressed that pet transport people exist! i wonder if they would come and take Betty to the vet, she really hates the car…
    But mostly I am so excited for you! This is going to be great (especially since you don’t have to do any of the packing), and I can’t wait for pictures and updates and for meeting new knitters. I am just beside myself!

  4. Cara

    Excellent news on the Angus front!! I’m so glad you all figured out what was going on and better yet, how to live with your new altered reality.
    Good luck with the move – even with all the luxuries, it’s still bound to be stressful.

  5. Laura

    O. M. G!!!!!
    GIRL! I can’t believe it took until now for me to put you on my BLOGLINES and you’re MOVING across the COUNTRY!!! GAH! Oh how Happy I Am For You ALL! Yippee!! Okay, time for me to read more and catch up more. Beautiful knitting – awesome posts – fabulous to *let go* and be the wonderful self that you are. Love you and am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and thank Heaven little Angus is doing well with his D. XOXOXOX