A funny thing happened on the way to the Clapotis

January 1, 2007 by

For years I have wanted to knit a Clapotis. Also for years I have been looking at cashmere from Two Pointy Sticks. In full disclosure, my reading of Jane’s post completely inspired me. When I saw her Japanese Maple Clapotis, I was in love.

Now in our house we have a a way of doing gift business that some might consider unorthodox or perhaps a bit unromantic. Well, folks it is neither and here is how it works: When I discover there is a particular thing I would like for a gift, I send e-mail to the Hubbalicious with a link to the item. He clicks buy and if he is really lucky, he clicks “gift wrap”. (Wrapping gifts is the bane of his existence, it runs a close 2nd to a root canal. As he would say, at least there is anesthesia with a root canal. His hatred runs deep.)

The beauty of this arrangement is I get exactly what I want and Craig gets to be St. George slaying the dragon, plus he does not have to go to the mall and scavenge. This way works very well for us and it keeps me from getting gifts that I will never use. Sometimes I do forget that we do it this way, which is exactly how I ended up with a two foot high Chewbaca Pez dispenser for my birthday. No kidding. My fault completely, and in his defense Craig completely and wonderfully made up for this.

This Christmas season, I decided that I was finally grown up enough for cashmere from Axelle. Not really clear why I decided this after years of pining, but decide I did. After picking the color (Japanese Maple) and weight (Aran/Pippin), the mail was sent off to the Hubbalicious. The box arrived, which I was not supposed to see and then I had to wait and pretend that I was ignorant of the box. It was not easy, I tell you.

When I brought the box from the mailbox to the house I thought it felt a little light but reasoned that my experience with pure cashmere yarn was minimal and I was being paranoid.

Christmas morning, when I opened the package it really was beyond my expectations. The color- breathtaking! The feel- butter! If you ever buy some of this yarn, get a manicure first- any roughness in your hands will catch the yarn- not damage it, just catch it.

So, five beautiful skeins of cashmere and I have the thought that I might want to check Knitty to see what the actual yardage required for a Clapotis is. The yardage needed is 820 yards. I had 500 yards in front of me. This was clearly not going to work. Meet my Irish Hiking Scarf, Japanese Maple from Two Pointy Sticks. (In progress)

Much Love- KT

ps- How did this happen? I confused the 100 gram weight of the Lorna’s called for with the 100 yard length of Axelle’s yarn.

pps: I have a new crush. Franklin, you completely crack me up. Thank you for being so fantastic.

ppps: KnitPicks Options needles are great. ( a full review to come) Thank you Santa.

4 Responses to A funny thing happened on the way to the Clapotis

  1. Emily

    Really? A two-foot high Chewbacca Pez dispenser? That’s awesome!
    Any scarf out of that yarn is fantastic – I love the zig-zag. it was meant to be. Sigh.
    Are you having unscrewing problems with the options needles when you’re using them? I think it must be how I move my hands, no one else has mentioned it.