Okay 2006, go away now.

December 31, 2006 by

It is with great joy that I bid adieu to 2006. While it was not an a-w-f-u-l year, it was a tiring and taxing year. For the first time in my life I rather feel like Father Time. Too bad it is beyond a doubt that I will not wake up in the morning as Baby New Year. Wholeheartedly I welcome 2007 and the possibility it brings. While I realize that time is an artificial construct (Gregorian vs. Julian) and can be manipulated, I still look forward to a new beginning and a New Year. Emily said what I wanted to say, in a very lovely, very civilized way. I am feeling neither lovely nor civilized at this point.

To sum up: 2006, if you were a guy I would break up with you and make sure my phone number was unlisted.

To all of you dear sweet people, you have made 2006 the most wonderful year it could possibly be. I am forever indebted to you and your kindnesses. Thank you.

Much love-


ps: I have been contemplating knitting from the (epic) stash for 2007. Not firm yet, but stocking up online all the same. Shameless hoarder that I am. Truly I cannot decide if it is virtuous or foolish. Thoughts?

pps: Happy Birthday Cara! You are a fantastic force in this world.

ppps: Guess where I am off to in April? That’s right, Sock Camp!

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  1. kt

    Girlfriend mine,
    Go thou to my blog.
    You done bin tagged fer a brainless, fun meme.
    Go. Now.
    Happy New Year to you and yer casa de sweeties!