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Why didn’t anybody tell me that knitting socks was so much fun? What a great time I had knitting these for my Toasty Toes Pal. She will be receiving them tomorrow- I can’t help myself when it comes to overnight shipping. It is a weakness in me about overnight shipping- how amazing is it that it can leave my house today and be thousands of miles away by tomorrow by Noon?

For a while now I have felt pretty silly buying LOTS of sock yarn and not knitting socks. I had started several pairs and then frogged them all but these were a breeze. They are the Basic Cabled Socks ala Brainy Lady. With a standard slip stitch heel flap and a Kitchenered toe! My very first! I have no idea how Kitchenering works but it does and look at that toe. It amused the hubbalicious to no end that grafting a toe is called Kitchenering- he went to University in Kitchener. Well, technically it was Waterloo- maybe in our house we should Waterloo the sock!

They are knit out of Koigu KPPPM on two 2.75 mm circs. Why are there two sizes of Size 2 needles? And why are the 2.75 mm so tough to find. All I could find were some Susan Bates and they were pretty awful. Effective but awful. Let’s just say I will be looking for a different brand- the size gave me perfect gauge but I really do not want to suffer through those needles again.

Even though I waited until the last possible minute to knit these it was all a joy and I learned so much. It was rather intimidating because my pal is seriously an expert sock knitter whose skills I greatly admire. I think that is why I put off knitting them for so long- I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Another reason I was worried is that my Toasty Toes Pal and I have very different taste in colors. She prefers very muted and heathered and I go for bright solids. I hope this color is muted enough for her- I have a hard time telling- I do think it is a nice color though. (The light was awful today and this is not the most accurate depiction of the color) I thought for sure they would pool differently and be horribly fraternal, I think they are maybe not identical but more similar than not. Phew!

Well, I think it is safe to say, that I will have to come up with some other way to embarrass myself- these look pretty great, if I do say so myself!

9 Responses to Socks!

  1. amanda

    I think they look awesome! And was it Emily that invited you to join TT? I’m glad she did — at least it forced you to jump into the pool so to speak. I think it is incredible that you knit your first pair of socks to give away :o)
    Now the real question of course is are ya up for Bloomin’ Feet in the Spring?

  2. Emma

    They look fantastic ! Beautiful knitting. I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled.
    Socks are a great project. A relatively quick fix,you can knit them in colours you’d never normally wear and great for carrying about in your handbag for every knitting opportunity

  3. sprite

    Congrats on finishing your first socks. They certainly don’t look like beginner socks to me! Now you need to knit some for yourself!

  4. Cynthia

    For a first pair mighty impressive. Having been to KW (visitor not student) I like the idea of Waterlooing a toe…sounds much more impressive!

  5. kt

    Baby, you’ve got some serious sock mojo going!
    We are impressed! And the color is delish–my girlie would deem it appropriate for a mermaid-watery, dreamy, tres heathery. Good choice.
    They’re beauts! Well done you!

  6. Girl Who Knits

    I got socks!!!

    So my detective skills weren’t needed for very long.  Driving into my driveway tonight, what did I see outside my door?  Yup, a package.  And not just any package.  My toasty toes package.  YEA!!!  I know you are all …

  7. Emily

    I am so insanely proud of you! I new you could do it! The toes are Quite Professional in their Perfection. Woot! That is one of my favorite patterns to knit – the cable is just enough to make it interesting without doing funny things to the colors in the yarn (which is beautiful, by the way – nice color choice).
    Are you ready to use up that giant pile of sock yarn now? Hrm?