Going off The Grid

November 1, 2006 by

Every once in a while it is really nice to go off the grid. While I didn’t go to the jungles of the Amazon or Margaritaville (okay maybe once), it has been really great to take some time for me and reflect on what is important, why I blog and who I am in the big crazy blogosphere. Everything on the home front is great- teeth have been lost, Kindergarten started, Angus will be six in two weeks. Duncan started in the Primary classroom (they are going to a Montessori), he is behaving like a true three year old, complete with the lying on the floor having fits. Very effective birth control for Mommy.

There has been a fair bit of knitting and sewing. Waaaaaay back I signed up for Toasty Toes and look what I received in the mail yesterday from Allison:

They are Hedera from Knitty and they are the MOST perfect fit and I could not love the color any more than I do. It is Fleece Artist Merino in Ruby Red and I could not be more thrilled to have recieved these socks. Thank you so much Allison, I wore them all around the house today and my feet were H-A-P-P-Y! The chocolate was yummy too!
Oh and have y’all seen this? I haven’t officially registered but I like the idea very much, especially given my recent track record with blogging. Thanks to LoobyLu for the heads up about it on her blog.
Soon to come- ROAK gifts in the mail, my own knitting and some very adorable kid pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

3 Responses to Going off The Grid

  1. kt

    Well golllleee!
    Welcome back baby! We sure missed ya! Glad to hear things are ok. Love and hugs and stuff to the boy-os and El Grumpy one.

  2. amanda

    Those Hedera socks are gorgeous! I must admit to having done my fair share of coveting whenever Allison posted progress pics :o)