A Little Log Cabin

August 7, 2006 by

One of the great things about not knitting a garment is that when you have had enough you can stop. And I am D-O-N-E with Rowan Cork. Had I bought it in a store and not online I wouldn’t have bought it. Wait, what I meant to say was that is had I felt it, I wouldn’t have bought it. But buy it I did. And wanting to make the most of it I churned out this log cabin blanket. I still have Rowan Cork left but I couldn’t go on with it. Squeeky Squeeky yarn. Luckily it is the perfect size for a small child or an adult lap blanket. I might knit a couple of Dulaan hats with the leftovers. But for now I am happy to be done with it. (Oh and I should mention that I knit it on size 9 needles, not the suggested 11s, it is a very nice dense fabric.) And one more note- I thought I was imagining it- it seemed to me that some colors were squeekier than others, sure enough one has 5% nylon and one has 10%. Go figure.

9 Responses to A Little Log Cabin

  1. stephanie

    Oh dear – I have a bunch of Cork in my stash. I hope it doesn’t drive me nuts – I hate squeeky yarn. That’s actually pretty amazing that there was a content difference between the two colors. And you felt the difference – just like the Princess and the Pea. LOL!

  2. Norma

    Nice log cabin! Sorry you didn’t like the yarn. I have a couple skeins that I’m looking forward to making the cabled socks in Holiday Knitting. (is that the name of it?) I hope the yarn doesn’t give me fits!

  3. kt

    Lookit choo, posting away!
    Hooray! Nice Log Cabin, dearie. Thanks for the natal day wishes–you’re the tops.

  4. Emily

    Hey I was just thinking looking at your log cabin and yarny goodness (very cool by the way): Do you think it would work to put batting and a fabric back on the knit blanket and then tack the layers together? Do you think the knit part would be sturdy enough for that?

  5. Allison

    I,too, have been hit bythe log cabin bug. I finished my first blanket and am already choosing colors for my next.
    Sorry to hear about your sqeeky yarn. Not fun.

  6. Kay

    OK I am ashamed that I am just seeing this now, but I love the design. (I feel your pain with the Cork. Cork is Wool-Ease at twice (thrice?) the price. But you made lemonade out of it! xoxo Kay