Yak Sweat

August 1, 2006 by

What do you do when it is the hottest day of the year (until tomorrow of course)? You get a swift kick in the arse from Norma, do some stash diving and make a hat for Dulaan. Cracks me up that the HEAT of Virginia has me knitting for Mongolian winter. Four (yes really four) strands of baby Alpaca brush/ Plymouth yarns held together. Man, I think this thing will make a yak sweat. I ended up with about a half of each ball left, so now I am making a scarf. Plus I have eight whole balls left which will hopefully turn into another hat & scarf. Or maybe a gator. Thanks again Norma for your swift kick. Love it. And maybe the best part? It took me all of 2 hours. I am going to put a big cardboard box in my sewing/knitting laboratory marked Dulaan. Let us see what I can do for next year, shall we?

3 Responses to Yak Sweat

  1. Norma

    Wahoo!!!! I know, the irony of us doing this on the hottest day of the year…..it’s a good one. :)
    Thank you, it’s beautiful, and I’m so honored.

  2. kt

    It’s a beaut!
    Welcome to WWWK–
    Warm-Weather-Woolen-Knitting! Now you know how it’s done, you can come visit me ANY time of the year and we can knit and glow (Dad says Horses sweat, Men perspire, and Ladies glow).
    Yay for Dulaan! Yay for KT!

  3. Emily

    At least hats are small enough to not stick to your legs when you knit. That hat is precious – I love the “pumpkin stem” on top.