Fickle Fickle Fickle

May 18, 2006 by

Frog Pond for the Sock. I was about one inch from the toe decreases and I realized I just wasn’t that happy with it. Yes, I know I gave all that Sunshine and Light talk about knitting on and keeping the sock as a memento. Hooey! Crap! Frog it Baby.

Then I was on a roll. Which resulted in this, and this.

Good For The Soul (Sole) I tell you.

The other thing good for the Soul? My peonies. When we left Seattle we left many, many peonies. About 25 bushes and 2 trees. It broke my heart. So I have been slowly building up my stash. One of my favorite things about them is that as soon as the bud shows color, you can cut them and they will continue to open in the vase. After a few days of contemplating it, I did it. I realized they are mine to do with what I want. I cut them all and put them in a vase so as to enjoy them more easily. The Dark ones are Karl Rosenfeld, the Bright Pink are Kansas and the Pale Pink are Sarah Bernhardt. Heaven.

6 Responses to Fickle Fickle Fickle

  1. Jenn

    OOOOOO someone I can ask about my peonies. We just moved here and have 2 bushes of them.
    Is there anything you can do about the ants? I only have buds on the plants, and they are already covered with ants!
    I didn’t know that I can cut them soon and they will open in the house. Thanks for that advice!

  2. Emma

    I truly love peonies. They are so gorgeous cut in the morning,heads heavy with dew and scent. Lovely.
    Nevermind frogging socks,I’m having trouble stopping myself casting on more and more new pairs.

  3. Laura

    I have a small peony bush in a fairly shady part of my yard. This is our second summer in this house and it hasn’t bloomed yet. Is it possibly not getting enough sun?

  4. Ulla

    I adore peonies, but have never been able to grow them. Whats your trick? Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, don’t you just want to move right into that ol’ house? I envy you that you could see it firsthand! Best to you and yours…