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We are having the most beautiful Spring. Last year there was no Spring, just a very long wet Winter and then one day I opened the back door and was hit by the Blast Furnace that is Virginia in the Summer. We were robbed, especially since it was such a hot humid Summer. This year, Spring has gone on forever and I am loving it. I am sure that by putting this in writing I am cursing myself and it will be distressingly H-O-T in no time. Emily and M were laughing at me and my thinking that there is actually Humidity in Virginia. Well, yes living in Alabama I suppose you really Do Know Humidity. But after 15-ish years living in Seattle my ability to even cope in a place where there Sunshine is questionable. For the record, I love the Weather in Seattle. Love it. And it is easy to spot the tourists, they are the ones with umbrellas.

Socks for a nice Spring Day are called for,No? What should I call these? I love the colors and the stripes. The yarn is Koigu purchased from God Knows Where. The pattern is Simple Sock from Socks Soar. The pattern calls for ribbing the whole leg and the instep but because I wanted stripes, no ribbing- except for about an inch at the top. There are some rookie mistakes but all in all I am happy with it so far.I was going to Frog them, instead I think I will knit on and keep these as a reminder of where I started as a Sock Knitter.

This is the same pattern but with the ribbing, using Mystery Yarn that was gifted to me by my still as unrevealed Secret Pal 7. Hey- SP7, could you let me know at least the fiber content and washing instructions? An anonymous comment would be great, if you still wish to remain unnamed. (Sorry for the Blurry Picture)

And last, this is headed for the Frog Pond as the Pink/Orange is coming off on my fingers. It was a gift of Knit Picks Color Your Own from Tammy and I did not set the dye properly. Can I retro-set the dye, does anyone know? I love the color. I used Wilton and Vinegar. Please advise!

Have a Great Monday!

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  1. Laura

    Regarding your yarn that the color is coming off on your fingers – yes – you can re-set the dye. I’ve done this two ways. With my very first skein of “Spice” it was leaving a pink streak on my fingers as I knit (where the yarn wrapped around my finger for tension) so when the socks were completely knit I soaked them in vinegar and then nuked them in the microwave. I rinsed them in the sink in cold water and the water ran clear. Then I washed them in the washing machine with gentle wool wash. I have also taken a dry skein that had some extra dye residue (like in a spot where the dye clumped or something) and soaked it again in vinegar and did the microwave deal – rinsed again in cold water and everything was just fine. Good thing this stuff is hard to ruin! :)