10 little blocks sitting on a wall

March 30, 2006 by

Signing up for Block Swap was a risk and a lark. I didn’t know what I would do or where it would end up and I considered it a great adventure. My ten blocks are done. Each one taught me something different, each one is special, not perfect but special to me. Letting go and being willing to experiment and not follow rules was wonderful. At the beginning I thought the solid fabrics required for the swap weren’t all that attractive, especially the curry. I think it turned out to be my favorite. It makes things pop in a wonderful way! So without futher ado, the blocks!

Off they go, in the mail tomorrow! What fun, I cannot wait to see what I get sent back to me from other quilters! Which one do you like, I would love to hear! Don’t like any of them, that is okay too. Let me know- I want to hear your thoughts…

9 Responses to 10 little blocks sitting on a wall

  1. Jessica

    I like the minimalism of the first one! Really, I like them all. The blocks are starting to poor in. Can’t wait to see these in real life!

  2. Charlene Sax

    I think # 2 and #4 are my top favorites…..I love that curry color also and wish I could duplicate for a painting. Delicious! xoxox

  3. Anonymous

    Top down, I like #1, 2 and 7. (#2 is my very favorite.) I look forward to seeing what comes back to you!